Advanced Study Water Resources Requirements


CE H1200: Engineering Hydrology 3 hr/ wk, 3 cr. 

Elements of hydrometeorology. Analyzing precipitation and using statistical methods. Design storm determination. Basin characteristics, runoffs and losses. Stream flow data, extension of data, overland flow and design floods. Unit hydrograph method. Sediments, their transport and deposition. Application of hydrologic desing. Prereq. CE 36500

CE H0700: Advanced Hydraulics 3 hr/ wk, 3 cr.

Open channel hydraulics of artificial and natural water-courses, including roughness and shape characteristics; surface curve calculation by step methods and by integration methods. Delivery of canals. Hydraulics of spill-ways and stilling basins, including chute spillways, drop structures, gate and side channel spillways. Prereq: CE 36500.

CE H6300: Groundwater Hydrology and Contamination 3hr/wk, 3 cr.

Course provides governing equations of flow and transport in groundwater. Topics include Darcy's Law, the flow equations, piezometric contours, confined and unconfined flow in aquifers, radial flow towards wells, flow through leaky layers and transient flow due to compressibility effects.Flow and retention in the unsaturated zone, soil-water characteristic curves and the Richard's equation are examined. Course also covers material on contaminant transport in groundwater including advection- dispersion equation, transport through heterogeneous media and the transformation and retardation of solutes. Prereq. CE 35000

And one of the following:

CE I6300: Water Resources Modeling 3 hr/wk, 3 cr.
Finite-difference modeling and its application to groundwater flow prob-lems. Topics include classification of second order partial differential equa-tions, boundary and initial conditions, method of characteristics, Taylor series and control volumeapproaches to discretization, truncation and roundoff errors, and numerical stability, convergence and consistency. Numerical schemes are principally applied to the groundwater flow and advec-tion-dispersion equations. Methods of integrating physical and hydrogeo-logic data into groundwater flow models are examined. Course also provides introduction to commercial groundwater flow software. Prereq: CE 45100, CE H1000; knowledge of a programming language.

CE H0800: Applied Hydraulics in Engineering 3hr/wk; 3 cr.

Hydraulic principles utilized in design of structures, such as spillways, dams, drop structures, gate and side channel spillways, and water transport sys-tems. Studies of erosion, sediments, their transport and deposition. Similarity, dimensional analysis, and modeling techniques as applied to hydraulic sys-tems. Prereq: CE 36500.

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