Russell Ford - Bruce Podwal Seminar Series

   Bruce Podwal Seminar Series



Attacking Water Scarcity

Treatment Considerations for the Implementation

of Direct Potable Reuse


Russell Ford, PhD, PE, BCEE

Jacobs Engineering Group

Vice President & Global Solutions Director

Drinking Water and Reuse


12 – 1 pm, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018

Civil Engineering Department, Conference Room, 105 Steinman Hall

Light Lunch will be served



Abstract:  Addressing aging infrastructure along with current and anticipated drinking water regulations is a critical challenge to the drinking water industry. In many regions of the world, including significant geographies within North America, utilities dealing with water scarcity and the need to utilize alternative water sources to provide drinking water. Over the past 5 years, significant research monies have been invested in answering many of the questions needed to be able to take water direct from a wastewater plant and produce high quality drinking water. The treatment focus is on naturally occurring organic matter, turbidity and microbials such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia and viruses. The operational research is focused on reliability of the source water as well as redundancy of the operation and whether natural buffers or engineered buffers are needed to ensure public safety.  The application of this research results in a strong focus on how best to implement reuse and desalination for both potable uses has been occurring in the industry. There are different approaches to technology implementation in each region with the ultimate goal of identifying sustainable approaches to potable reuse.


Biography: Dr. Russell Ford is currently the Global Director for Drinking Water and Reuse Solutions for Jacobs Engineering Group. The core technologies in this global service area include master planning, surface and ground water treatment, desalination, membranes, and reuse. He has dedicated his 32-year career to protecting public health and safety by advancing the field of drinking water treatment. His drinking water industry knowledge is acquired from his utility, consulting and academic experience. His experience covers a wide range of treatment processes design, treatability testing and treatment plant startups.  In the past 5 years, Dr. Ford has been involved in the following water treatment plant designs: Singapore PUB CCK’s 80 mgd Ozone/BAC upgrade; Town of Falmouth’s 8 mgd Long Pond Water Treatment Plant with DAF/Ozone/BAC; Pougkeepsie’s Water Treatment Facilities 19.3 mgd Ozone and Centrifuge Upgrade; Middlesex Water Company’s CJO Plant’s 60 mgd Ozone Upgrade and United Utilities 60 mgd Oswestry Water Treatment Works upgrade with chlorine dioxide and plate settlers for clarification.  Dr. Ford holds a Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from Syracuse University and Master and PhD degrees in Environmental Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is an AWWA Fuller Awardee. Dr. Ford an appointed member of USEPA’s Science Advisory Board’s Drinking Water Committee, a licensed professional engineer and a licensed water treatment operator, and a board certified environmental engineer. He is also a member for The Water Research Foundation Board of Directors


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