Transportation Engineering Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits, consisting of 12-15 required credits from list 1, a zero credit report, 3-credit project, or 6-credit thesis from list II, and the remaining credits from list III*.


I. Required Courses (12-15 credits):

1. CE H0200 Transportation Economics (or equivalent)

2. CE H1000 Mathematical Methods in Civil Engineering (required for ME degree only)

3. CE H2000 Traffic Engineering

4. CE I2400 Analytical Techniques in Transportation

5. CE I2600 Urban Transportation Planning


II. Choose one (0 to 6 credits)**:

1. CE I9700 Report (0 credit)

2. CE I9800 Project (3 credits)

3. CE I9900 Thesis (6 credits)


III. Electives (12 to 18 credits)

CE 52500 Geometric Design***

CE 52600 Rail System Design***

CE 54000 Highway Engineering***

CE 54100 Highway and Airport Construction***

CE G2700 Multimodal Transportation Technologies

CE G3100 For-Hire Transportation

CE G3500 Transportation Safety

CE G4900 Transportation Network Analysis

CE H4500 Urban Transportation

CE H4700 Urban Freight and City Logistics

CE H4800 Transit Systems: Planning and Operations

CE I2000 Travel Demand Forecasting

CE I2200 Transportation Asset Management

CE I2700 Transportation Policy

CE I4000 Traffic Control

SUS 7100B Sustainable Transportation (requires permission from SUS program manager)

Additional courses may be offered pending instructor interests/availability.

Courses from related CUNY program areas may also be approved on a case-by-case basis by the CE Transportation Master’s Program Advisor and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.



* All Graduate students in transportation are expected to have knowledge in computer programming, probability and statistics, and calculus. Those who have not had at least one course in each of these topics but who otherwise meet the requirement for admission will be required to take an equivalent course for no graduate credit.

** Before taking CE I9700, I9800, or I9900, a student must complete nine graduate credits.  To register for these courses, the student should select a faculty mentor. After meeting with the student, the mentor will provide a form to the student that should be submitted to the Registrar to create the independent study course.

*** 50000 Level courses are available to Graduate and Undergraduate Students. Graduate Students can receive graduate credit for at most two 500 level courses.  To receive graduate credit in a 50000 level course, the student must receive a grade of B or better.


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