Shania Grosvenor Memorial

Saying Goodbye to one of Our Own

It is with great sadness that I bring you the news that one of our students, Ms. Shania Grosvenor, passed away in her sleep on Tuesday, November 7. Shania joined the CWE community this fall term after obtaining her Associate's degree at BMCC. At BMCC, she made an impression as an energetic, determined, and caring student. Her early childhood program advisor, Jen Gilken, described Shania as a bright light, who was very successful and enthusiastic during her time at BMCC. In her brief time at CWE, Shania was excelling in classes.

A go-getter, Shania was enrolled as a full-time student in CWE’s ECE program and a member of the ACE program in its inaugural year at CWE. Earning a full scholarship to complete her degree on time, Shania was well on her way to completing her BS degree by June of 2025. Her ACE advisor, Scott Gannis, shared his first impression, “Shania struck me as a very warm, curious, and effervescent soul.”

Shania will be missed by us all as we grieve the loss of one of our own. The family is working on funeral arrangements which will be sent to you soon.



Dean, Center for Worker Education

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