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Non-Public Schools Project

School of Education

Non-Public Schools Project

City College is pleased to offer the Non-Public Schools Project in collaboration with the New York State Education Department. The aim of the project is to contribute to the knowledge of teachers, principals, and other education personnel working in non-public schools so as to enhance the academic achievement and the socio-emotional development of children.

Coursework is designed to improve participants’ content knowledge in one or more of the core academic subjects and broaden participants’ knowledge of effective instructional strategies for teaching this content. Specifically, one of the aims is to expand the knowledge base of teachers and school leaders of how to effectively integrate technology into curricula and instruction.

The courses will increase participants’ knowledge of how to teach students with a range of needs, including those with disabilities, those for whom English is a new language, and those with special gifts and talents. Coursework will broaden and deepen participants’ knowledge of methods for improving student behavior, including identifying needs, implementing appropriate interventions, and more effectively involving parents in their children’s education.

For school leaders, the project aims to expand their knowledge of effective leadership skills and management practices that can enhance the professional development of principals. The project will also increase participants' knowledge of the use of data and assessments that have the potential to improve instruction and student outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the courses being offered?

    List of offered courses
  2. What are the beginning and ending dates of the semester(s)?

    Summer 2018 Session I begins Monday, June 4th and ends Thursday, June 28th. Summer 2018 Session II begins Monday, July 2nd and ends Monday, July 30th.
  3. When can I register?

    Registration will be self-guided and on-line. After you submit the required documentation, you will receive and automated e-mail directing you to create an on-line account on CUNYfirst. Teachers and school leaders who encounter problems with registration may contact Luis Guzmán Valerio, Project Coordinator, at or at 212-650-5490.
  4. What are the days and times of the courses? How long is a class?

    In the summer, classes typically meet twice a week for two five-hour sessions, for a total of ten hours a week. If you cannot make it to campus, we also offer hybrid and online classes.
  5. What are the requirements for an individual to take any of the selected courses?
  6. Where are classes offered?

    All classes are offered at The City College of New York, located at 160 Convent Avenue and 138th Street in New York City. However, we also have online classes.
  7. Will I receive a bill?

    No, you will not receive a bill. A special code will be assigned to each participant to identify you as part of a special cohort. A tuition liability is incurred for students who withdraw or fail a course.
  8. Who are the contact people for the Non-Public Schools Project if there are registration, course or reimbursement issues?

    You may contact the Project Coordinator, Luis Guzman Valerio at or 212-650-5490.
  9. What is the rate per student that is covered for registration?

    The program covers up to nine graduate credits (i.e., about three courses). Besides tuition, the program covers the cost of the non-degree student application ($125), as well as other fees. For more information on tuition and fees, please see the Bursar’s office website.