Microsoft Office 365 for Education - (Faculty and Administrative Staff)

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 for EDUCATION – (Faculty and Administrative Staff)

How do I download Office 365?

1. Link:
2. Sign In: CUNY Login username*
3. Web Applications Login: Username and Password: CUNY Login Credentials*
4. Stay signed in? select either Yes or No
5. On the top right you will see Install Office drop down, click on Office 365 apps
6. Window will pop-up, click Save File
7. If using Firefox, on the top right corner of the browser click on the download Faculty-Staff download icon icon, click on the Setup.Def.en file. Office 365 will start download, follow prompts.
8. If using Chrome, on the bottom left of the browser click on Setp.De.en. Office 365 will start download, follow prompts

*If you do not know your CUNY Login or need to reset password see link below:

1. Link:
2. Top right corner click Login
3. Under Login, click on either Forgot Username or Forgot Password
a. If you have never activate your CUNY Login click on New User
4. Follow the prompts

For more information see the FAQs link: services/microsoft-office-365-for-education/faqs/
If you need assistance email the Service Desk at
Include: Full name, EMPLID, Phone Number, CUNY Login Username, include any error messages

Last Updated: 05/15/2020 13:54