Office of Information Technology Projects

During the past year, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has orchestrated about 37 comprehensive IT projects. Thanks to the continued support of the President, Senior Vice President and COO, and the CCNY Student Technology Fee Committee members, we have completed several exciting projects, and have much more in the pipeline, which will continue to significantly improve the technology infrastructure at CCNY. The projects listed below, highlighting some of the larger projects executed over the past year, demonstrate significant development towards the OIT’s support of the City College of New York’s mission.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) projects listed and described in this section are managed by the IT Project Management Office (PMO).

Major Infrastructure Projects

1. Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Kiosk for the NAC Rotunda
Initiated by a request from the Undergraduate Student Government, a new digital kiosk system was installed in the NAC Rotunda. The kiosk hosts the college directory and maps of useful locations on campus. With just a touch of the screen, dynamic curated information on college events and other opportunities is available to students. This information hub is intended to increase our community’s self-awareness. It also a potential source of revenue for the college, since this unit has the capacity to display advertisements.

2. Main Campus Student Computer Lab (Tech Center) iMac Upgrade
Most of the technology within the Tech Center has not been updated since its opening in Fall 2011. While our technical staff has done an outstanding job maintaining the systems, many of the audiovisual and computer systems have become obsolete, exceeding their warranties and life expectancy. We replaced 36 of the 70 iMacs with the newest 8-core, i-9 processor (9th generation) models. 

3. Computer Upgrade for Biology Teaching Labs
The Biology 207 Teaching Lab serves roughly 280 students per semester; this includes first-year students in the CUNY School of Medicine, biology majors, and students pursuing pre-health careers in other majors (Psychology, Biochemistry, and Biomedical Engineering). The computers in this lab are nearly obsolete (>10 years, running Windows 7). OIT purchased 14 new Dell OptiPlex desktop Windows 10 computers with i7 Six-Core Processor and 24-inch monitors. The new computers are capable of running any new software for simulations and data analysis in the lab. We also purchased two new printers.

4. Critical Hardware Upgrade for Marshak Computer Classroom- MR 044
Marshak 044 is the workhorse classroom for the basics of computing-enabled environmental learning in the Division of Science. The computers in Marshak 044 were approximately 10-year-old Dell Optiplex 960 towers with 2-4 GB of RAM. OIT purchased 25 Dell Optiplex with Windows 10, 32 GB RAM, i7 Six-Core Processor, and 24” monitors. The new upgrade allows instructors and students to use course-related software (including ArcGIS, Mayan, MATLAB, and ENVI) used in this lab without any problem which enhances the learning experience of students at the Division of Science.

5. Computer Upgrade for Biology Resource Center
The computers in the Biology Resource Center supports students enrolled in critical science courses including Bio 10200 (Intro Bio), Bio 24700/24800 (Anatomy & Physiology I & II), and Bio 22800 (Ecology & Evolution. Its computers were obsolete and often malfunctioned while students were trying to do their work. We recently installed five (5) iMac 21.5 and five (5) Dell OptiPlex computers. Besides the computer replacement, the two aging projectors will also be replaced with the newest AV technology system. The new AV system will include VIA wireless presentation, a Wireless Access Point (AP), a large projection screen, and Microsoft Surface Studio 2 and new network cables have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis. We plan to complete the AV system installation when the college reopens. 

6. Sonic Arts Center Computer Upgrade
The Music Department’s Sonic Arts Center combines music and audio technology to train students in the latest techniques in music, music recording and production, as well as audio post-production for film, broadcast, and the web. Audio recording technology has changed drastically over the past 15 years. Hardware based audio recorders and audio effects processors have been replaced by software applications that run solely on computers. In collaboration with OIT they were able to purchase six (6) Apple Macintosh Pro computers with the latest technology for the recording studios.

7. Media Communication Arts Smart (MCA) Classroom Upgrade, SH 462
We were able to upgrade the aging equipment in SH 462. The following equipment and license were upgraded. Four (4) 27-inch iMacs, Eight (8) Panasonic AG Camcorder cameras, 16 license seats of the latest version of Chimpanzee film for budgeting and scheduling, as well as other accessories. The old computers were used to build a new mini-lab for AD/PR and Journalism students who do not require lots of processors and faster computer.

8. Electronic Design and Multimedia (EDM) Design Computer Lab Upgrade, CG 122
In collaboration with OIT, the 18 iMacs computers in CG-122 were replaced with newer models. This classroom is the primary classroom for Web Design UX/UI, Animation, and other courses in which students process large digital files. We also replaced four projectors (ViewSonic 5000 Lumen HD) in some of the computer labs. The new projectors provide optimal viewing for design-based images. In addition, the following equipment was also replaced, five (5) Epson Perfection V800 scanners in some of the computer labs, four (4) Apple TVs with 4K, and two (2) Daylite C Projection screens.

9. Photography Technology Upgrades and Equipment Lending
The following equipment was replaced or upgraded in the Photography Labs, five (5) MacBook Pro laptops, 12 Canon digital cameras with the latest industry technology, two (2) Epson Power-light Projectors, and other accessories such as tripods, light meters, power speakers and lenses. This new equipment will benefit all students in the forty (40) courses offered each year. Also, students have the opportunity to check out any camera as needed. 

10. Division of Science Office for Student Success and Tutoring/Workshop Center Laptop Upgrade
The Division of Science offers individual and group tutoring and workshops through its tutoring centers that routinely support over 2,500 students during the academic year. OIT replaced four of its existing laptop computers with the new Dell Latitude 3590 laptops. These laptops are used to check student’s attendance as they participate in the tutoring/workshop center. During registration periods they are available for students to use to make an appointment with his/her advisor.

11. Mechanical Engineering Material Lab Computer Upgrade
The Materials Laboratory (room ST-B64) is used to provide instruction during the laboratory portion of Engineering Materials course (ME 46100). Eight (8) sections of the course are offered annually with a total enrollment of approximately 150 students per academic year. Students also use this lab for projects in various other courses, such as Senior Design, adding to the number of students impacted. OIT replaced the seven (7) workstations dedicated to data acquisition from experiments and specialized equipment with Dell Precision i7 super processors, 32GB RAM, 1T solid state hard drive, and graphic cards, capable of supporting the software needs of students.

12. Architecture (SSA) Library Computer Upgrade
In collaboration with the Library, OIT replaced the existing 15 desktops computers with the newer models capable of running Windows 10 and all software available for use by Architecture students. Also, two new printers were added to replace the aging printers in the lab. In addition, four 50-inch flat panel displays were installed to serve as digital signage information kiosks to keep the students abreast of information and events pertaining to the library and CCNY.

13. Equipment for In-Class Dissemination of Course Materials
To encourage robust and convenient usage of the In-Class course materials, OIT purchased two (2) iPad Pros with accessories. In addition, a portable projector was also purchased for use in smaller classrooms where mounted LCD projectors are not available. The use of this technology will not only facilitate dissemination of lecture material via contemporary technology, which students expect, but it also will be used to access web-based learning aids, such as emulations and animations that are used to augment student learning within a classroom setting at the time of the lecture.

14. Instructor’s Laptops for English Department Hybrid Courses
To accommodate the English Department in developing and expanding hybrid courses, OIT purchased five (5) new Macbook Pro laptops and replaced seven (7) of the current laptops with newer models. These 12 laptops are also used to train new instructors in effective methods of providing in class and online instruction.

15. Enhancing the Dominican Studies Learning Through the Use of Tools and Technology
The Dominican Library and Archives provide over 30 educational workshops per year on Dominican-related topics. These workshops are conducted with many educational groups, including undergraduate and graduate City College and CUNY students as well as teachers and community members. Historically they have relied upon a digital projector and a computer to present resources using PowerPoint slideshows but recently felt an increasing need for interactivity. OIT purchased 15 iPad Pros to allow students to more independently and interactively explore the digital collections.

16. School of Education – Continuing Smartboards Upgrades
In collaboration with OIT, the School of Education has continued to gradually upgrade its smart classrooms with advanced emerging smartboard technology. A total of nine (9) of its eleven (11) smart classrooms have now been upgraded. OIT also Notebook software program and purchased new desktop computers to replace obsolete models.

17. School of Architecture General Student Computer Labs Switch Upgrade
To improve network performance and efficiency in the heavily used Student CAD Lab, OIT replaced obsolete network switches with a modern switch and added new WiFI access points. This comprehensive upgrade substantially improved the performance and security of both wired and wireless networks, enriching the educational experience of our students.

18. MR 1005 AV System and Network Cabling Upgrade
In many areas in the Marshak building audiovisual technology is obsolete leading to equipment failures and disruptions to instruction. The most prevalent problems have been caused by outdated projectors and inadequate WiFi connectivity. In response to these deficiencies, OIT installed a new AV system including two projectors and a projection screen, new network cabling, and a WiFi access point.

19. CWE Smart Podiums Replacement
CWE’s smart classrooms have been providing faculty and students with convenient and easy to use audiovisual experiences for over a decade. In recent years, OIT replaced the projectors and computers in all the smart classrooms. Despite those enhancements, however, most of the smart podium technology had become obsolete with replacement parts no longer available for purchase. The podiums do not support high definition video, Blu-ray, and other emerging technology. Without the podiums in working condition, faculty use of technology in the classroom has been limited, which negatively impacted students’ experiences and learning. To reverse this trend, OIT replaced three (3) of these podiums during the winter intersession and installed VIA Connect Pro wireless audio-visual presentation technology in 13 smart classrooms in order to provide convenient Wi-Fi access for faculty and student collaboration.

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