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About IT Forms

The Office of information Technology is always upgrading the forms used for requesting access and IT services. Upgraded forms will be available to fill in and submit online. If prompted to login to access a form, know your CCNY email username and password.

IT Security Forms

Administrative Access Form
Request for Administrative privileges on modern desktop Operating Systems grant users complete control over most functions and features of the Operating System and Applications.

Authorization to Use and Store non-public university Information
Request for permission to use and store information containing Social Security Numbers ("SSN") of CCNY-related individuals.

CCNY Email Password Reset

CUNY Information Security Review Questionnaire
This questionnaire facilitates the identification of security requirements for CUNY information technology projects, applications or systems. The questionnaire is intended for those CUNY projects, applications and systems that involve Non-Public University Information or that acquire ongoing vendor IT services (e.g., application software hosting, hardware/software infrastructure, data storage facilities, staffing, etc.)

Email and Computer Access Request
The request for City College employee email and/or computer is governed by part IV, section 1 of The City University of New York Policy on Acceptable Use of Computer Resources


Firewall Exception Request
SUBMIT-ONLINE: The request for a network firewall exception or opening a port allows certain traffic to be sent to or from your computer through that firewall.

Firewall Information

Secure File Transfer
This platform is convenient for individuals, offices and departments that need to send and/or receive sensitive or large files and doesn’t have the restrictions for storing/sharing sensitive files, as does Dropbox and Onedrive.

VPN Access Request
SUBMIT-ONLINE: Request using this form is for Remote Access using a VPN (Virtual Private Networks) account or for access behind a network firewall.

VPN Information
VPN Approval Process
VPN Form Instructions

IT Forms

Email Name Change
Shared Drive Request

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