Current OIT Organization Chart (Chart view PDF)

Ken Ihrer VP & CIO

Vice President of Operations & Chief Information Officer (VP/CIO)

Deputy CIO (Comp. Sys. Mgr. 4)

Network Services Manager (IT Sr. Assoc. 3)

Network Engineer (IT Sr. Assoc. 1)
IP Address Management (IT Sr. Assoc. 1)

Systems Administration Manager (IT Sr. Assoc. 3)

Systems Engineer (IT Sr. Assoc. 2) (Vacant)
Backup & System Administrator (IT Assoc. 3)
System Administrator (IT Assoc. 1)
Assistant System Administrator (IT Asst. 2 (H)
Assistant System Administrator (IT Supp. Asst.(H))

Project Management IT Project Manager (IT Sr. Assoc. 2)

Telecom & Field Support Manager (IT Sr. Assoc. 3)

Telecomm. Specialist (IT Assoc. 2)
Telecom Technician (IT Asst. 2)
Field Engineering (IT Asst. 2)
Field Engineering (IT Asst. 1 (H))
Phone Operator (IT Supp. Asst.(H)
Phone Operator (College Asst.)

Information Security Lead Engineer (Computer Systems Manager 3) (Vacant)

Assistant ISO (IT Asst. 2)
IT Security Analyst (IT Assoc.2)

Director of Academic Technology Services (IT Sr. Assoc. 2)

iMedia Reservation Desk Manager (IT Assoc. 1)
iMedia Reservation Desk Support (IT Asst. 1 (H))
AV Instructor Tech Support (IT Support Asst. (H))
Reservation Desk Assistant (College Asst. (Qty: 6))
Grant Support & Special Projects ‐ (HEO)

Director of Application Services (Comp. Sys. Mgr. 3)

Sr. Data Analytics (IT Sr. Assoc. 3)
Data Analytics (IT Sr. Assoc. 3)
Web Developer (IT Sr. Assoc. 2)
Sr. Programmer (IT Sr. Assoc. 1)
Communications (IT Assoc. 2)
Web Developer Support (IT Asst. 1 (H))
Lyris/Broadcast Support (IT Support Asst. (H))
Lyris/How‐To Video (IT Support Asst. (H))

Director of IT Business Services (HEO)

Administrative Assistant (IT Support Asst. (H))
Technology Purchaser (IT Assoc. 3)
Site Licenses Manager (IT Assoc. 1)

Director of Front Line Services & Information Security Office (IT Sr. Assoc. 3)

Service Desk Manager (IT Assoc. 2)
Blackboard/CUNYfirst Support Coordinator (IT Assoc. 1)
Service Desk Assistant (IT Asst. 1 (H))
Tier 1 Tech Support (IT Support Asst. (H)(Qty: 4))
CUNYfirst Tech Support (College Asst. (Qty: 2))
Service Desk Assistant Manager (IT Asst. 2 (H))

City Technology Center Coordinator (STD Coord) (IT Assoc. 1)
Computer Labs Manager (IT Asst. 2) (Vacant)
Scheduling (IT Support Asst. (H))
AL & Study Room RESV. (IT Asst. 2)
MSR Laptop Program RESV. (IT Support Asst. (H))
Lab Monitors (ICollege Asst (Qty:18))

Client Service Manager (IT Sr. Assoc. 2)
Apple Suport Specialist (IT Assoc. 3)
VIP Support Specialist (IT Assoc. 1)
AV Support (AV Tech. 2)
AV/Desktop Support (IT Asst. 1 (H)) (Vacant)
Desktop Support Specialist / Hourly IT Support Assist.(Qty:4)

Area of Support Manager (IT Sr. Assoc. 3)

Accessibility Office (Hourly IT Supp. Asst.)
User Support (College Assistant)

GSOE Tech Support Specialist (IT Assoc. 1) (Vacant)
GSOE System and Users Support (IT Asst. 3)
System and User Support (Hourly IT Support)

CUNY‐CSOM System Administrator (IT Sr. Assoc. 2)

CWE System Administrator (IT Assoc. 3)
Desktop Support (College Asst. (Qty=2))

SSA - Lead IT Administrator (IT Assoc. 1)
User Support Asst. (H)

Humanities and the Arts (Hourly IT Supp. Asst.) (Vacant)<

Colin Powell (Hourly IT Supp. Asst.) (Vacant)