Winter Session 2010 Course Descriptions

BLST 17600: The Black Revolution

A survey of the forces shaping the current unrest in the world-wide Black community. Movements that project the changed attitude toward being Black for Blacks and non-Blacks. Highlights both the positive and negative reactions resulting from the new self-pride on the part of Black people. (W) 3 HR. /WK.; 3 CR.

BLST 31701: The African Presence in Global History

Please refer to the Black Studies Program for course description.

EDLS 8601G: Education Law

Candidates will examine the constitutional and statutory provisions and principles of representative governance that are the foundations of the American public school system. A comprehensive overview of the origin and legal status of the local school unit, legal responsibilities of administrators, requirements of school boards, rights of students and teachers, evolution of legal provisions for school support; and the importance of diversity and equity in a democratic political system provides the basis for candidate discussion, analysis and application. Contemporary legal and ethical issues confronting education leaders and policymakers in a liberal-democratic society are critically examined, as are the dynamics of policy development and advocacy under our democratic political system. Issues are examined for common legal pitfalls affecting all school personnel contracts and labor relations. 3 HR. /WK.; 3 CR.

EDLS 8801G: School Community–Building

Utilizing the values, emerging issues and trends, conditions, and dynamics impacting the school community and educational programs, this course provides best practices in communication, marketing strategies, media use, and partnerships with higher education, social agencies, businesses, and other stakeholders to build support and garner community resources for improving student achievement. 3 HR. /WK.; 3 CR.

MCA 31112: Financial Communications

MCA 31100-32000: Selected Topics

Advanced study in selected topics in the areas of film and video, advertising and public relations and journalism with em­phasis upon aspects not treated in regular courses. Hours and credits to be arranged.

PSY 10200: Applications of Psychology in the Modern World

An introduction to the study of human development and learning, personality and motivation, sex differences, attitudes, ag­gressions, interpersonal attraction, behav­ior in groups and work settings, abnormal behavior and its treatment. Emphasis on the ways in which psychological theory and research can be applied to individual and social problems. May not be taken for credit by students who have already passed Psych 10101 or 10299. 3 hr. /wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 24700: Social Psychology

Fundamental concepts and methods used in the investigation of attitude and at­titude change, prejudice, socialization, communication, groups, conformity and other topics. Issues will be studied in the light of theory, research and relevant social problems. Prereq.: Psych 10101 or 10200 or 10299. 3 hr. /wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 25300: Cognitive Psychology: Thinking, Knowing and Remembering

How do we come to understand the world we live in and the people with whom we interact? How is self-knowledge acquired? This course will consider the ways in which people acquire and process information. Why do we forget some things and remem­ber others? How do we solve problems, learn to read and write, find the right words to express our ideas? What is “think­ing?” How do we transform our ideas into action? Other topics include how comput­ers process information; brain damage; and learning disabilities. Prereq: Psych 10101 or 10200 or 10299. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 31112: Psychology of Marketing

31100-32000: Seminars in Special Topics in Psychology

Specially selected topics for intensive examination in several different areas. The topics and the courses offered each semester will be listed by the Psychology Department. Prerequisites stated with course descriptions. 3 hr. /wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 33900: Psychology Applied to Work

Problem solving in the work environment using principles derived from psychological research: selection and placement of em­ployees, psychological testing, job analy­sis, job evaluation, employment interview­ing, performance appraisal and feedback, employee and management training and development, workplace design and human engineering. Emphasis will be placed upon social issues such as affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, substance abuse, and health and safety in the work­place. Prereq: Psych 10101 or 10200 or 10299 and 24700 or 24900. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 34800: Abnormal Psychology

The description of various psychological disorders. Through the study of these dis­turbances the course gives insight into the general nature of personality functioning. Case material is presented. Prereq: Psych 10101 or 10200 or 10299 and 24900. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 36300: Psychology of Prevention Science

Please refer to the Department of Psychology for course description.

PSY 36700: Small Group Processes

The course is divided into two parts: self-study groups and lectures. The self-study group examines its own behavior in order to help the student develop an ability to observe, analyze and understand the small group as a social system. The lectures pres­ent concepts, case materials, and empirical findings on group phenomena. Prereq: Psych 10101 or 10200 or 10299 and 24700 or 24900. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 36900: Behavior in Organizations

Interaction between individual behavior and organizational factors such as struc­ture, technology, environment, climate; and their impact upon worker productivity, satisfaction and motivation; leadership and supervision; group dynamics; strategies for organizational change; organizational development approaches, and quality of worklife issues. Prereq: Psych 10101 or10200 or 10299 and 24700 or 24900. (W) 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.

PSY 37300: Neuropsychology

Consideration of the effects of brain dam­age on psychological functioning, with emphasis on impairments in perception, attention, emotion, memory, and language abilities. Prereq: Psych 10101 or 10200 or 10299 and 25300. 3 hr./wk.; 3 cr.