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To Prospective Undergraduate Students


The Mission of the Civil Engineering Department

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering at the City College of New York, inspired by a tradition of Access and Excellence, is to educate and prepare students to be leaders in the civil engineering profession as practicing engineers, researchers, or educators. The department will continue its tradition of educating students of diverse backgrounds, including traditionally underrepresented minorities and women. The department also commits itself to maintaining a diverse faculty of scholastic excellence and dedication to the highest quality education.   


Additional Goals of the Civil Engineering Department

In addition to the Program Educational Objectives, the Civil Engineering Department has the following additional goals consistent with their broader mission and the mission of City College:     

  • To develop instructional and research collaborations with stakeholders such as local or federal agencies and firms.      
  • To conduct research of value in areas of local, national, and global importance.    
  • To serve the community and the civil engineering profession.     
  • To improve access to quality education for an increasingly diverse student body.      
  • To enhance the status of the civil engineering department as a leader in civil engineering.