Advanced Study Environmental Engineering Requirements

CE H6400: Environmental Engineering Analysis 3 hr/wk, 3 cr.

Study of microorganisms and biochemical reactions involved in the purifica-tion of wastewaters by both aerobic and anaerobic treatment systems. Met-abolic reactions, growth patterns and population dynamics. Review of chem-ical reactions as they relate to the analysis and purification of water. Data collection and interpretation. Prereq: CE 47400 or departmental approval. 

CE H7500: Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering 3 hr/wk, 3 cr.

Physical-chemical unit operations in drinking water and wastewater purifica-tion. Process kinetics, ideal/nonideal reactor design, mixing, coagulation/flocculation, discrete/flocculant settling, filtration, air stripping, disinfectoring techniques. Implementation of PMS in agencies .

CE H7600 Unit Processes in Environmental Engineering 3hr/wk, 3

Biological processes used to treat municipal wastewaters for BOD and nutri-ent removal: Activated sludge, trickling filters, rotating biological contactors, secondary settling and sludge thickening. Sludge stabilization processes, chemical and biological both aerobic and anaerobic. Prereq: CE 57100; Coreq: CE H7700.

And one of the following:

CE H7400: Industrial Wastewater Treatment  3hr/wk, 3 cr.

Sources , volumes and characteristics of industrial wastewaters. Federal and local pretreatment regulations, including categorical standards. Uses of applicable  biological, absorption, stripping,  precipitation, chemical oxidation, revers osmosis, ultrafiltration  processes. Recovery methods and sludge handling and disposal. Prereq. CE 57100

CE I7000: Wastewater Treatment Plant Design 3 hr/wk, 3 cr.

Codes, regulations and current practices used in design of municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Total facility planing and component design layout on typical site. Hydraulic prfile, site grading, outline specifications and preliminary report preparation. Field trips are required. Prereq. CE H 6400.


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