Advanced Study Structural Engineering Requirements

CE I5400: Elastic and Inelastic Analysis of Structures 3 hr/wk; 3 cr.

Overview of theory of structures including energy methods. Review of stiffness matrix and finite element analysis of structures. Structural modeling of large and complex systems. Computer implementation. Static condensation and substructuring. Semi-Rigid connections. Material nonlinearity. Plastic hinge method. Geometric nonlinearity. Flexible members and theory of large deformations.
Prereq:. CE 44000.

CE H5300: Advanced Structural Design 3 hr/wk; 3 cr.

Structural Loads. Behavior of structural steel members. Simple shear and moment connections. Plate girders. Composite construction. Fatigue and fracture of structural materials. Braced and unbraced frames. Plastic analysis and Design.
Prereq: CE 44200, CE 33500.

CE 55000: Advanced Reinforced Concrete. 3 hr/wk; 3 cr.
Mechanical properties of reinforced concrete materials including shrinkage, and creep. Ultimate load theory and ultimate strength design. Moment-curvature and load-deflection relationships. Columns subjected to biaxial bending. Combined shear and torsion. Design of flat plates and two-way slabs. Yield line theory.
Prereq: CE 33500, CE 44100.

And one of the following:

CE H5200: Bridge Engineering 3 hr/wk; 3 cr.
General considerations for design and load capacity evaluation of highway bridges. Introduction to Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) philosophy. Bridge loads. Influence lines. Grillage analysis of bridges. Reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges. Composite steel bridges. Bridge substructures. Load rating. Introduction to seismic analysis and design.
Prereq: CE 44000, CE 44100, CE 44200.

CE H5100: Prestressed Concrete 3 hr/wk; 3 cr.

Properties of prestressed concrete materials. Simple, composite and continuous prestressed beams. Prestressed rigid frames, buildings and bridges.
Prereq: CE 44100, CE 33500.

CE 59000: Foundation Engineering 3 hr/wk; 3 cr.

Soil exploration and sampling. Engineering properties of soils. Bearing capacity and settlement of foundations. Beams on elastic foundation. Design of footings and mats. Bearing capacity and settlement of piles and pile groups. Analysis of pile- raft foundations. Design of retaining structures. Slope stability.
Prereq: CE 34500, CE 33500.

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