Advisement for Undergraduate Students


March is advisement month for the Fall 2020 semester.

CE students must be advised during advisement month and before registration. Faculty set aside time in their schedules to advise students and may not be available outside of advisement month. Students who do not get advised on time may not be able to register on time.

The advisement process is detailed below.


Register for a CUNY first account

Register for courses using CUNY First. Set up your account well before registration, so that you can identify if there are any problems well in advance of your registration date. For problems accessing your account, contact the Help Desk in NAC at (212) 650-8080 or .


Know the curriculum

The curriculum is shown on the curriculum matrix, which is in the glass case in the CE Department and on the Student Resources page. Each row in the matrix represents a semester, and so the matrix shows the order that you should take classes in. The schedule of CE classes is designed based on the matrix: classes that are within the same academic year of each other are offered at different times so they do not conflict with each other.

Particular classes are only offered once a year. They are indicated on the curriculum matrix and in our planned offering schedule by Semester, which is in the glass case in the CE Department and on the Student Resources web page.

Recent changes to the curriculum are also listed on the Student Resources web page.


Identify your advisor

Who you see depends on how many credits you have, and if you are a new transfer student.

  • Freshmen with less than 45 credits: Your advisor is Ms. Lauren Shuman in the School of Engineering Office of Student Affairs in Steinman room 2M-16, phone: (212) 650-8044, email: .
  • New transfer students: Jasmine Gonzalez in the Undergraduate Dean’s office in Steinman room ST-209, phone: (212) 650-8020, email: , will assign you to an advisor. Technically, you should have already seen this advisor during transfer student orientation, when he/she advised you, evaluated your transfer credits and registered you for classes. If for some reason this did not happen, please see this advisor.
  • Continuing students with 45 or more credits: Your advisor is a CE faculty advisor. You are assigned to a specific faculty based on your last name, but if you have been seeing another faculty advisor in the past and you like that person, then you may continue to be advised by that person. The list of undergraduate advisors can be found here: CE Undergraduate Advisor List. Students who have unsuccessfully attempted to reach their advisor at least a couple times by email, are free to see any other CE faculty for advisement.

Freshmen and new transfer students should contact their assigned advisor (see above) to see what materials need to be prepared for advisement.

Continuing students with 45 or more credits should prepare for advisement and then get advised by their assigned CE faculty (see next).


Get advised by a CE faculty

1. Prepare an edited curriculum matrix (link below) to show which courses are completed or in progress

The curriculum matrix summarizes the requirements of the CE B.E. program. Please print out the matrix, cross out all of the courses you have taken (or received transfer credit for) and indicate which courses you are currently taking. 

You can share an edited PDF or an image of your edited PDF with your advisor. 

2. Fill out the student portion of the CE advisement form (link below)

If you are being advised by a CE faculty, complete the top portion of the advisement form (link below).

Courses should be identified based on the actual offerings in CUNY First. Students MUST comply with pre-requisites (all courses in a single row of the curriculum matrix meet this criteria). Note: if you don’t have the pre-requisites for a class you register for, you will be de-registered from the class and your tuition will not be refunded.

Do not overload yourself. Every lab course has three additional contact hours. Every three credit hours of classtime requires an average of six hours of coursework outside of class.

3. Email your advisement form and edited curriculum matrix to your advisor

Your advisor will make comments on the form and email it back to you. If warranted, he/she may request that you speak in person by phone or web conference.

4.  You are done

Your advisor will email you the completed advisement form for your records. They will archive the form in their CCNY Dropbox "advisement" folder and then email Ms. Lauren Shuman ( ) to notify her that you have been advised.



Advisor list

Curriculum matrix

Advisement form

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