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CE 51001 and CE 51003 Independent Study Course

Civil Engineering

CE 51001 and CE 51003 Independent Study Course

There are two types of independent study courses that a CE student may take:

CE 51001
This is a 1 credit independent study used, specifically, to fulfill the ENGR 101 requirement for transfer students who come in with Math 202. It must have some design, and it does not have to be on a topic related to the student's specialization (structures, environmental or transportation).

CE 51003

This is a 3 credit independent study used to fulfill a specialization elective requirement. It must be on a topic related to the student's specialization, and it is not open to "multidisciplinary" students. It is only open to students who have completed CE340; particular core/specialization pre-requisite courses might also be identified by the faculty to make sure the student is adequately prepared.

In order to sign up for an independent study, students must do the following:

  • Determine if they are eligible for an independent study, and if so, which one.
  • Meet with full time CE faculty to identify faculty who are willing to work with them, who have a project that interests them, and which (if any) pre-requisites are needed to do the work.
  • Email Prof. Wittig (cc:ing your mentor) a Word document that includes your name, your emplid, your mentor's name, whether you want to do CE 51001 (and if it is to replace ENGR 101) or CE 51003 (and your specialization), the semester you want to do the independent study, and a short description of the work you will do.