CE 51003 Independent Study Course

CE 51003 is a 3-credit independent study. It is an opportunity to do research under the guidance of a full-time faculty in the CE Department. The research topic must be in the student's specialization area and should be mutually agreed upon by the student and the research mentor. The student should expect to periodically meet with their mentor throughout the semester, and must submit an engineering report at the end of the semester that details the research methods and findings. 

Who is eligible to take CE 51003?

  • This "course" is open to students specializing in environmental engineering, structures, transportation or water resources. It is not open to "multidisciplinary" students.
  • The pre-requisites are CE 34000 Structural Analysis and possibly other courses identified by the faculty mentor (to ensure the success of the student). 

How to sign up for CE 51003?

The semester before a student wants to do an independent study ...

  • Students should contact full time CE faculty to determine if they are available, the projects they are working on, and whether additional pre-requisites are needed to do the work successfully.
  • Students should work with their mutually selected research mentor to develop a short paragraph summarizing the research problem and the methods that will be used to address it.
  • Students should email Prof. Wittig (cc:ing your mentor) a Word document that includes your name, your emplid, your mentor's name, the semester you will do the independent study, and the short paragraph summarizing the research problem and methods. 
  • Prof. Wittig will then set up a section in CUNY First for you, and email you to let you know to claim your seat.