CUNY First Tips


In CUNY First, no one besides the student or the registrar can place a student into a course. If you require special approval to get into a course (see below), the registrar might put you into the course, or they might initiate CUNY First to send to your citymail account an automated email saying that you now have permission to register for the course. If you get such an email, you will only have a limited amount of time to login to CUNY First and register yourself.

CUNY First also requires the following special approvals that eSIMs did not require (See Info for Students / Registration / Special Approvals ).


-Claim your CUNY First account at

You will register for classes using CUNY First.

-Know how to use CUNY First to search for, and add, classes

You are the only person who can register yourself for classes. The Dean's office can't do this anymore. Deselect the "Show open classes only" box on the search page to view closed classes to wait list for.

-Know how to deal with error messages

If CUNY First does not let you register for a course that you have the correct pre-requisites and the course is not closed, then you may also need special approval to get into the course. Details are at: Info for Students/Registration/Special Approvals on the CE website.

-Know how to find your registration date

Your registration date will be posted to CUNY First at Self Service > HR/Campus Solutions > Self Service > Enrollment > Enrollment Dates. 

-If a class is closed in CUNY First, the only way to get into it is to overtally through CE

This is the only way to get into CE 231 and CE 332, and the only way to get into closed CE courses. Overtally for the course/section you need through the CE website. The overtally opens on the 7th day of registration and closes one week later. Details and a link to the CE overtally form are at: Details are at: Info for Students/Registration/Overtally on the CE website.

NOTE: If you are overtallying for 231 or 332 and you have never taken the class, you are guaranteed a seat in the class and section you want.For all classes, we really will do everything we can to accommodate every student who wants to register for a class.

For help in any CUNY First matters, call x8080 or visit the CUNY First Help Desk in NAC 1/301.

To lookup your CUNY First "EmplID":

For instructions on how to claim your account, change personal information, or print an unofficial copy of your transcript:

Protect the privacy of your personal information. The CUNY First browser window will stay open for 30 minutes after your last key stroke before automatically logging you out. So, be sure to logout of CUNY First and close all browser windows before leaving a public computer.