Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

Water Resources

Water/Waste Water Treatment Processes
* Disinfection
* Biological Nitrogen removal
* Process optimization
Remote Sensing
* Hydrological system monitoring and flood forecasting
* Modeling sediment transport
Watershed Management
Point/Non-point Source pollution
* contaminant source location in turbulent flows




Water ResourcesAir Pollution/Air Quality
* Characterization of the reactions and transport of air pollutants, both indoors and outdoors
* Development of in-situ methods for near real-time measurement of the organic component of fine particulate matter (PM)
* Development of a method to identify and quantify sources of reactive air pollutants using outdoor pollutant measurements
* Research tools include standard analytical chemistry methods and sophisticated in-situ methods to measure particle mass, particle size, and trace concentrations of particle and gaseous pollutants
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