The CE Program closes many of its classes before they are full, so that we can set aside seats for graduating seniors and determine whether we can fit the remaining students into the existing sections or if we need to open up a new section.

Overtallying is the process of signing up on a waitlist for one of the remaining seats in ANY CE course that is “closed” on CUNY First. It is the only way for CE students to get into sections of CE 365 or CE 474 that are set aside for ESE majors.

Your priority in the overtally is based on whether you are a graduating senior, the order in which you overtallied (and so, overtallying sooner is better) and whether you have taken the course before.

Since enrollment is so high, we cannot guarantee that you will get into your preferred section of a course, but we do guarantee that you will get into a section of the course. 

For any non-CE course, please speak with the chairman of the department that conducts the course to get on their waiting list.



During the pandemic, the overtally will open at the start of registration.

The overtally opens 3 days after grades are due at 10am and remains open until 2 weeks before the first day of classes. For example, in Fall 2015, grades are due 12/30/15 and the overtally opens 1/1/16 at 10am. These dates are on the CCNY Schedule of Classes.

The overtally is processed in 3 batches:

  • Requests within 7 days of the opening of the overtally: Processed 7 days later

  • Requests within 1 month of the opening of the overtally: Processed 7 days later

  • Requests by the close of the overtally: Processed 7 days later

Please overtally as early as possible, so that your priority in your priority group is as high as possible. For more details about how the overtally works, please see this link.

If you are on probation, you should still overtally as early as possible. You should also meet with an advisor in the Dean’s office (ST 209) during the week of the overtally to have your contract reviewed, since you won’t be able to register for any CE courses without permission from the Dean.



Go to this link and fill out the form.

Warning: If there is a suggestion of dishonesty in how the overtally form is filled out, the student will be asked to explain the matter. If it is truly a matter of dishonesty, the student will be placed to the bottom of their priority group. This includes your estimated graduation date!



The overtally requests will be processed within a week of when each overtally period ends. Please be patient during this time. Once the overtally has been processed, you will get an email from Prof. Wittig letting you know if the department was able to accommodate your request and which section to register yourself into.



Once you get an email from Prof. Wittig telling you which section of a course you have been given permission for, register yourself into the course. You will only be allowed to register if you have NO holds on your account.

If you are taking the course for the first time: Register yourself online using CUNY First. You have been given permission to register for a “closed” course, so make sure you de-select the “show open courses only” button when you search for the course. Even though the course is “closed”, CUNY First will allow you to check out because of the special permission you have been given.

If you get an error when you try to register online, please look at the exact text of the error. If it pertains to pre-requisites not being met and you believe this to be incorrect, or if it says that you do not have the correct major, please contact Ms. Lauren Shuman in the Dean’s office ( lshuman@ccny.cuny.edu ) for help. For all other error messages, please contact Prof. Wittig ( awittig@ccny.cuny.edu ).

If you are repeating the course: You will need register in person at the registrar. To do so, you will need to obtain (1) a paper registration form from Prof. Wittig and (2) a paper permission form to repeat the course from Ms. Lauren Shuman in the Dean’s office ( lshuman@ccny.cuny.edu ). You should take both papers in person to the Registrar.

You must register yourself within 2 weeks of the beginning of the semester, or your seat will be given away to another student on the overtally list.

Last Updated: 04/09/2021 12:29