Podwal 3/2/21

Bruce Podwal Seminar Series


A Quick Look at Disparate Types of Oceanographic Data


C. Reid Nichols

President and Oceanographer

Marine Information Resources Corporation

Queenstown, Maryland


12:30 – 1:30 pm, Tuesday, March 2, 2021

 Online: https://ccny.zoom.us/j/89302757661


Abstract:  Oceanography is an umbrella term, since it includes biologists, chemists, engineers, geologists, mathematicians, physicists, and more. Most oceanographic projects involve the collection and analysis of historic information, time series data, imagery, and forecasts. The ensuing products are used to support decision making. These products might synthesize selected scalar and vector data elements, parameters, and phenomena that are important whether you are involved in coastal construction or just going to visit the beach for the day. Today, there are many innovative collection, analysis, and information dissemination networks that can provide data and information to support the marine science and technology industry. One might find historical information at the National Centers for Environmental Information.  Networks provide real-time data through weather buoys, moored instruments, coastal marine automated networks, and weather stations.  Imagery archives can be accessed to identify spatially extensive features from satellite constellations. Several data portals providing access to important meteorological and oceanographic information will be shared.

Biography:  Col. C. Reid Nichols is a retired USMC intelligence officer and the founder of Marine Information Resources Corporation. He holds a MS in physical oceanography and an MBA. He is involved in applied research with university, government, and industry partners. His writing experience includes authoring or co-authoring numerous technical reports, scholarly articles, and reference books related to oceanography. He has served as a reviewer for several journals and was a recent editor for a special issue in the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering on the topic of multiscale and multiphysics modeling. Current customers include the Southeastern Universities Research Association, PAE, and the Florida Institute of Technology. He has taught at Towson University and Chesapeake College. He has provided online instruction in leadership to students at Salisbury University and in coastal resilience to students at University of Maryland. He continues to participate in collaborative research to transition new technologies to operations. His most recent book is Marine Environmental Characterization (Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2020). He is currently working on a book on integrated coastal resilience. He is on the board of the French American Chamber of Commerce and Hearts for New Hope. He volunteers as a master gardener with University of Maryland.

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