Podwal 4/5/22

Bruce Podwal Seminar Series


Street-Smart Engineering – Streetcars

David H. Thurston, PE

Burns & McDonnell Engineer

12:30– 1:30 pm, Tuesday, April 5, 2022, in person

In person: Civil Engineering Department, Room 105, Steinman Hall

(Light Lunch will be served)

Online: https://ccny.zoom.us/j/85839128635


Abstract:  On one level, streetcars (and sometimes any design in general) appear complex; however with a few basic points of information, Dave Thurston mitigates this complexity by discussing streetcar design basics, things to look for and be aware of, and extension of known "normal civil design principles” in the streetcar area.  In this talk, Dave notes the potential future (continued) integration of streetcars and their role of completing "the near last mile" of day-to-day transportation.

From the bottom sub-grade to the top of the poles, Dave will outline through first-hand construction and field experience and photographs some of the streetcar design fundamentals, nuances, reasonable shortcuts, designer risks, construction nuances, and Covid and specialized contractor estimates challenges. Dave's goal in this presentation is to permit non-streetcar engineers a path and potential roles into streetcar design.

Intertwined in this discussion of Street-Smart Engineering, Dave will weave some tips and tricks regarding the project management of both design and construction of projects.

Biography: Mr. David Thurston graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1990. Dave has worked for a Class I railroad on both coasts in AC- and DC-electrified territory.  As a Contractor and as an Owner Resident Engineer, Dave has managed heavy highway and heavy construction on the railroad, at airports, and on downtown urban freeways.  As a consultant, he has managed the design of streetcar projects (including Cincinnati’s and sections of Kansas City’s Streetcar), railroad, drainage, and rehabilitation projects.

He is a professional engineer, instrument-rated pilot, and avid photographer who divides his time between Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Tuscaloosa.

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