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Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Requirements

Civil Engineering

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits consisting of 12 required credits given in list I, plus either a zero credit report, a 3-credit project or a 6-credit thesis from list II. The remainder of the credits must be taken from list III.


I. Required Courses (12 credits):


1. CE H1000 Analytical Methods in Civil Engineering

2. CE H0700 Advanced Hydraulics

3. CE H6300 Groundwater Hydrology and Contamination 

4. CE H7500 Unit Operations in Environmental Engineering

II. Choose one (0 to 6 credits):


1. CE I9700 Report (0 Credit)

2. CE I9800 Project (3 credits)

3. CE I9901 Research for the Master's Thesis (6 credits)

III. Electives (12 to 18 credits):


CE   45100 Environmental Water Resources

CE   57100  Water Quality Analysis  

ENGR 59910 Intro to GIS  

CE   H6500 Statistical Methods in Water Res's & Environ'l Engr   

CE G8300 Air Pollution and Control      *           

CE G8400 Air Quality Modeling  

CE G8600 Air Pollutant Measurement        

CE G7300 Surface Water Quality Modeling  

CE G7900 Hydraulics and Hydrology  

CE G8100 Macro-Scale Hydrology 

CE G9100 Water Resources Systems Analysis  

CE G9500 Remote Sensing in WREE   

CE G9700 Numerical Methods & Simulation in Fluid Flow   

CE H0800 Applied Hydraulics Engineering  

CE H1200 Engineering Hydrology               *           

CE          Water resources design        

CE G7100 Water & Wastewater Treatment --> Water Quality  *  

CE H7600 Unit Processes in Environmental Engineering   

CE H7700 Biological Systems in Environmental Engineering   

CE I7000     Wastewater Treatment Plant Design       

CE G7800 Solid Waste Reuse and Recycling   

CE G7400 Remedial Techniques in Haz Waste   

CE G9800 Sustainability in Engineering             *




* courses that will be offered once per 2 yrs, rest of the courses offered once per 3 yrs.   Any Deviations from this list must be pre-approved in writing by the WR-EE Graduate Committee.
* 500 level courses are available for both graduate and undergraduate students. Graduate students can take only up to two (2) graduate courses for credit and only if they score a B or better.