Irish Echo Quotes Séamus Scanlon & Danielle Zach on Frederick Douglass' Dublin Visits

"Douglass Welcomed as a Man"

The Irish Echo, the largest circulation Irish American weekly newspaper, quotes our librarian Séamus Scanlon and Professor & Patai Program Director's Danielle Zach on a piece on Frederick Douglass' historic visits to Dublin.

“Douglass’ visit had a big impact on his philosophy and subsequent campaigns. He recognized that slavery, colonization, landlords, the subjugation of women, poverty and inequality were all part of a continuum of human rights violations.” – Séamus Scanlon.

“Belfast’s statue of Frederick Douglass—one of history’s staunchest champions of human rights and dignity for the oppressed and marginalized—is a fitting homage to a courageous person whom we should each struggle to emulate. His presence in Northern Ireland—a still fraught political space where the struggle to realize justice for Troubles victims continues in the face of formidable forces advocating for impunity—stands as a profound symbol of hope for a future of peace with rights and justice for all in the Six Counties and beyond.” – Danielle Zach

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