Records Management Program

City College has been asked by CUNY to implement the new CUNY Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, which indicates the minimum length of time that college and University officials must retain records before they may be disposed of legally. Its purpose is to ensure that records are retained for as long as required for administrative, legal, and fiscal purposes, as well as encourage the systematic disposal of records that are no longer needed.
CUNY has appointed a University Records Management Specialist, Martha Aspromatis, to help the CUNY colleges, including City College, facilitate this process. She will be making site visits to help create administrative and department schedules, which will clearly show the retention period for all your department’s documents and records.
Each department must designate someone to serve as the coordinator for the Records Retention project to oversee the process. In advance of meeting with Ms. Aspromatis, the coordinator will prepare a list of records for review. During the meeting, the CUNY retention schedule will be consulted to determine the retention period for your individual department’s records.
The coordinator should be a full-time employee who is knowledgeable about the characteristics and use of their department’s records. If students or non-college personnel will be assisting the coordinator and accessing the files during the organizing process, they must fill in the Non Public University Data Access Waiver.

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For security reasons, documents containing any of the following must be shredded:
  • Social Security numbers
  • Drivers Licenses or other government-issued identification
  • Credit card, bank account and other financially related numbers
  • Userids with passwords
  • Student records (including grades, GPAs, roster information, etc)
  • Health records
It is imperative that the above records are handled securely until they are destroyed or otherwise disposed of. They are not to be discarded in the trash or left out for cleaning staff to remove. When it has been determined what is to be discarded, all sensitive material will be shredded by designated personnel.
Contact Information
All inquiries about records management at the college should be addressed to the 


Records Management Coordinator
North Academic Center
Room 4/225
160 Convent Avenue
New York , NY  10031

p: 212.650.7008