Interactive Whiteboard Instructions

Interactive Whiteboard Instructions

Whiteboard  Whiteboard: Start Writing!
  1) To power unit press power button (Powering on may take several seconds)
  2) Press whiteboard button to use the whiteboard function
  3) Pick up interactive pen or operate the board functions using your fingers
  4) Start Writing!
  5) * You can add up to 50 new pages to your whiteboard! *
  6) USB port also available for saving documents

  *To switch between the Whiteboard and computer press the Source Search button*

  Wireless Presentation!
  1) Connect your device to the CCNYWIFI network
  2) Download VIA application by entering room name (ex. NAC1103) and forward  slash ( / ) into computers web browser
  3) Click Install VIA
  4) Open Application
  5) Copy Room Name as appears on the wall paper lower left side (ex. NAC1103)
  6) Press Login
  7) Enter 4-digit code as it appears on the wall paper right side
 8) Press Login to join application 9) Press Present to share screen

Supporting Displays!

Supporting Displays  To mirror content on the whiteboard and the three support displays, press the switch  button.

  Arrow Left

  1) To mirror support displays with Whiteboard switch to 1

  2) To mirror support displays with Computer switch to 2

  *Green light will indicate active source*