Mobile Phone Policy


The Telecommunications Office manages mobile phones for two communities:

  • Executive management staff (ECP and Director level staff);

Staff of departments which have been approved for the need to use mobile devices and for which funding has been added to Telecommunications OTPS (such as Facilities Management).


All requests for receiving mobile phone service and upgrades must be approved by the VP for Finance and Administration.

Personal Use:

Starting in July 2011, all eligible Executive Management Staff must pay $10 per month fee for personal use of the device, collected yearly at the beginning of each fiscal year in July. Fees for any partial month are collected for the full month. This fee is waived for non-management staff members who are required to carry a College issued mobile device for emergency contact. These fees must be paid by personal checks payable to the City College of New York, at the Telecommunications Office. This office will send yearly reminders in June.

Mobile Phones:

The standardized mobile phone options are (all with Verizon Wireless service):

  • Cell phone,

  • Non-international Blackberry (such as the Curve),

  • International Blackberry (such as the Bold),

The specific standardized device models may change over time. Technical support is only provided for the standardized devices.


The Telecommunications Office manages the mobile device accounts, in terms of ordering the devices, paying the monthly invoices, and reviewing the usage. The main advantage of this arrangement is a volume discount and shared airtime minutes.

Funding and payment for mobile device service for ineligible staff may be provided and processed by the requesting department, both for the device and the monthly service.

Telecommunications Office is able to assist such individuals or departments in starting a plan which takes advantage of volume discounts for the College.

The cost of purchasing the approved device for eligible staff, if any, is borne by the Telecommunications Office. If a non-standard device is requested, the purchase cost of the device must be paid by the requesting department.

If at any time a mobile device has to be replaced due to breakage or loss, the staff member's department must pay the replacement charges, if any, using departmental funds. During an eligible upgrade period (usually after one year of usage) standardized mobile devices may be replaced for free or at a low cost. For non-standard devices or during a period of ineligibility, the replacement costs may be high.

To process a replacement or order a non-standard device, the requestor must:

  • Visit Telecommunications Office to determine the cost.

  • Have his/her department head request transfer of funds (OTPS code 366) to Telecommunications Office by sending email to the Budget Office ( ) with a cc to Telecommunications Office ( ).


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