IT Core Values

We will work hard to offer excellent services to the college community and achieve our mission by committing ourselves to the following core values:

Customer First: We believe in prompt and quality service to our customers, value their opinion, empower them through technology, accommodate their needs to the best of our capability and learn from them.

Collaborate: We believe in working together, participating, sharing, staying involved, and consensus building.

Communicate: We believe in disseminating correct and timely information, promptly informing those affected by our decisions and encourage feedback and constructive criticism.

Creativity: We encourage creativity, thinking out-of-the-box, valuing other people's ideas, challenge the status quo and seek opportunities to implement cutting-edge technologies.

Celebrate: We encourage different ideas, interaction, openness, an informal environment, humor and fun and celebrate our success while enjoying what we do.

Determination: We are determined to succeed, win user trust, achieve higher standards and make OIT a role model for CUNY and beyond.

Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do, work hard to exceed the expectations of users, uphold ourselves to higher standards and do our best with the limited resources available.

Foresight: We are visionaries, strive to envision future promises of technology, brainstorm to plan for the future opportunities and make every effort to consider the impact of today's decisions on future endeavors.

Hard Work: We constantly work hard to accomplish greater success, believe in perseverance, resolve and not becoming dissuaded by failures.

Integrity: We are honest, responsible for our actions, reliable and trustworthy, deliver what we promise, always truthful and follow the college's mission with utmost sincerity.

Learn: We constantly seek opportunities to learn new things, commit ourselves to the professional development and personal growth, encourage cross-training and mentoring and learn from our mistakes and successes.
Respect: We believe in professionalism and are courteous, cordial, sensitive, considerate and supportive.

Task Oriented: We are focused, organized, make informed decisions, produce results that support the College's priorities, act with a sense of urgency, encourage user feedback, clearly define our goals and objectives and develop a strong sense of responsibilities.

Team Environment: We foster a team environment within OIT, value diverse skills and experiences, support each other and work hard towards organizational success.

Last Updated: 01/08/2016 18:03