Applied Psychology Internships

Our internship program is designed to provide real world work experience in positions that are related to Human Resources, Organization Development, and Consumer Analytics. The skills acquired in these roles are directly relevant to today's jobs.

Internships Currently Available
Apply to these through Dr. Paino
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Human Factors (HLA-2) 

Operations Safety Officer (HLA-3) 

Industrial Psychology (HLA-4) 

Recruitment & Selection (JPG-3)

Human Resources (MCO-1) 

Human Resources (NSC-1)    (Currently Unavailable)

Human Resources (VWT-1)   (Currently Unavailable)

Assistant Teacher-Mandarin (MPC-1)  

Marketing & Education Consulting (LPW-1)

Financial Analyst (UBM-4)   (Currently Unavailable)

Communications & Digital Technology (CSS-3)

Financial Services (NYL-1)   (Currently Unavailable)

Research & Sourcing (CSR-1)    (Currently Unavailable)

PR/Marketing (CSR-2)    (Currently Unavailable)

Project Management (CSR-3)    (Currently Unavailable)

Sales & Marketing (UBM-3)   (Currently Unavailable)

Accounting & Finance (UBM-2)   (Currently Unavailable)

Human Resources (UBM-1)    (Currently Filled)


The ultimate responsibility for researching a potential employer, the internship, quality, safety, and legality lies with the applicant.

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