Requirements for the Degree

All majors pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations must maintain a GPA of 2.5.

Pre-Requisite Course (For Admission to the Major):
10100 - Introduction to Media Studies 3cr.

Required Courses for Advertising & PR Major (36 Credits):
20900 Introduction to Public Relations 3cr.
21000 Introduction to Advertising 3cr.
35000 Corporate Communications 3cr.
36000 Market Research 3cr.
36200 Public Relations Writing 4cr.
36300 Advertising Copywriting 4cr.
37500 Advertising Management  3cr.
37600 Advertising Planning 3cr.
40100 Ethics and Values in Communications 3cr.
46800 Advertising & Public Relations Workshop 4 cr.

One 3-credit Elective from the following:

21100 Advertising & Public Relations Production 3 cr.
23300 Intro to Journalism 3 cr.
29900 Internship I (1-3 cr.)
39900 Internship II (1-3 cr.)
36500 Social Media Strategies 3 cr.
37400 Event Planning 3 cr.


or any of the other Ad/PR electives offered throughout the year

=Total Credits for B.A. Advertising & PR Major: 36*

(*in addition to general degree requirements)




The Ad/PR Program primarily offers DAYTIME classes. 

We regret that we cannot accommodate the academic needs of students who require evening courses.  If you are seeking an evening program in Ad/ PR, please visit the CCNY website for The Center For Worker Education.



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