Becoming an Ad/PR Major

Becoming an Ad/PR major is a fairly simple process, after you've completed (or transferred in with) 45 credits in your general education requirements.

Declare Your Major

Students who want to major in Advertising and Public Relations must declare their major in Communications, and their concentration as Advertising and Public Relations.
(Declare your major using the i-Declare portal)

There are two admission points to join the program: the Fall semester and the Spring Semester.

Students interested in admission for Fall should declare their major in March.
Students interested in admission for Spring should declare their major in October.

Exact deadlines are published at the start of each semester.



  • Students wishing to major in Ad/PR should complete the pre-requisite course, MCA 101 Introduction to Media Studies, with a B- or better prior to, or concurrently as they declare their major as Ad/PR.

  • Students must have completed at least 45 credits by the time they enter the major.


Transfer students must meet the same criteria as above.

In addition, transfer students who have been accepted to CCNY should meet with an Ad/PR academic advisor before applying to the Ad/PR program.

If you have taken courses that you believe are equivalent to the Ad/PR major requirements, please bring your official college transcript, grade report, and a course description of the related course work to your advising meeting. Students who have taken a Mass Communications course (MCA 101 equivalent) at  another school will need to bring additional writing samples to demonstrate writing  proficiency.

For additional guidance on declaring your major, freshmen entering CCNY and incoming transfer students can contact the Office of Admissions at 212-650-6977, while current CCNY students should contact the Academic Advising at the Division of the Humanities of the Arts.

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