The Ad PR Workshop

The Ad/PR Workshop (MCA 468) is the capstone course in CCNYs Advertising & Public Relations Program.  This undergraduate senior class enables pre-professional students to go deep into a single, semester-long assignment in partnership with an actual client especially those with a public service, community based project. Workshop students break into agency teamsto utilize research methods, analytical skills and to apply an organized and conscientious approach to solve actual marketing communications problems. By semesters end, student teams transform their in-depth analysis into strategic communications plans to create, produce, and implement comprehensive communications campaigns that meet the clients marketing objectives in service to the community.

Below are some recent clients and campaign-centered work:

CUNY School of Public Health: To encourage undocumented CUNY students to sign up for healthcare

CCNY Zahn Center for Innovation: To inspire students to find their inner entrepreneur

CCNY Office of Student Life: To de-stigmatize the issues of sexual abuse among CCNY students 

International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition: Dissuade students from buying counterfeit goods

New York Organ Donor Network: Persuade student to become organ donors

Capital One: Promote financial literacy

WE ACT for Environmental Justice: Promote justice in Harlem for environmental equality

Heritage Heights Foundation: Encourage students to support local businesses

Get Healthy Harlem/Columbia University: Promote healthy habits in the community

New York Blood Center: Encourage year-round donation of blood

Healthy CUNY Initiative: Promote healthy habits that increase academic performance

Memorial Sloan Kettering: Increase awareness of the HPV virus

City College Writing Center: Elevate the status of writing among CCNY students

City College Library: Increase awareness of on-campus services

Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance at Rice University: Increase the level of dialog at religiously diverse college campuses

The American Heart Association: Encourage Hispanic CCNY student to reduce the salt intake of themselves and family.

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