GED Preparation

Adult Education Program

Free Adult High School Equivalency Program (HSE) 

The HSE classes prepare students to pass the GED (General Equivalency Diploma) Exam leading to obtain the High School Equivalency Diploma as well as building students skills for success in college and the workplace.

The program also provides ongoing advisory services to students.

The classes prepare you to pass all five areas of the GED Exam: 

Reasoning Through Language Arts
Social Studies
Mathematical Reasoning

Students must have a computer or tablet with internet connection in order to participate. Prospective students can register on our waiting list.

Due to high volume of applicants, space is limited.  When space is available, students are invited to an orientation session and to take an in-person placement test. Students are placed in class based on their scores and program availability.

Students will be chosen for class on a first come first serve basis.

Please click the link to join the waiting list:

HSE Program Requirements

•    Age requirement- 19 and older
•    Residency Requirement – Must be NYS Resident

•    Any student who is on a visa status can't participate in this program, Please visit the ELI Webpage:

•    Students residing in any other state can't participate in this program

•    Students must attend an orientation where a placement test (TABE Locator and TABE Test) will be given to determine eligibility to join the class.

TABE test online practice link:

Class information

The class is held Monday thru Thursday.  

Morning Class Time         10:00am – 1:00pm
Evening Class Time        6:00pm – 9:00pm

Math Class
Monday and Wednesday 

ELA (Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science)
Tuesday and Thursday 

Semester information

•    Fall Semester runs from September thru December

•    Spring Semester runs from January through June
     Two cycles within the Spring semester

GED Test Information

To learn about the GED test please visit this website


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