Career Success Scholarship

The Career Success Scholarship fund was created, through an endowment from the Helena Rubinstein Foundation, in 2011; and, is aimed at supporting students in continuing education certificate programs. It is open to individuals who seek to advance their careers through education and training -especially those who are unemployed or seeking a career change, and who do not have access to other sources of funding that can pay for tuition and fees. This scholarship does not support current or future degree program studies.

Candidates that possess an Associate’s Degree and/or Bachelor’s Degree are only eligible to apply if they meet the criteria below and submit proof of when they graduated:
Five or more years have past since the student applicant graduated with their Associate's and/or Bachelor's degree.

The Scholarship:
Covers up to 90% of tuition only (students are responsible for all fees, exam fees, and other expenses)

Is awarded for programs that prepare individuals for jobs where there are currently open positions

The Summer 2024 application for the Career Success Scholarship – Helena Rubinstein opens on June 3rd!

The Deadline to apply is August 5, 2024 @ 4:59PM EST.

Scholarship recipients are selected by CUNY, not all applicants will be selected.

Please contact if you would like to apply and indicate the course you are interested in taking and for what semester.

For more information regarding the Career Success Scholarship Visit:



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