Foundations of Supply Chain Management


Tadaca Educational Solutions LLC

is an instructional design/curriculum development consultancy, specializing in corporate training, coaching, and workforce development utilizing evidence-based research and the application of innovative training and technologies

This online program was created in collaboration with the Association for Supply Chain Management and it gives students an understanding of the foundations of supply chain management and it qualifies them for entry level positions in the supply chain industry. It is taught by an APICS Certified Instructor.

The Modules Includes: 
● Foundational Knowledge in Distributions and Logistics 
● Foundations in Manufacturing Management
● Foundations in Managing Operations
● Foundations in Managing Inventory
● Foundations of Operations Planning 
● Introduction to Supply Chain Principles 

Upon completion, participants receive a Completion Certificate and Six Badges from Tadaca Educational Solutions LLC demonstrating their knowledge to any third party (potential employer or certification program) seeking to verify areas of knowledge. 

Tuition: $849*


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James V. Kelly


EY Strategic Procurement Advisor
Founder of JV Kelly Group, Inc.

James is a recognized global expert in expense and supplier risk management as well as mergers/divestitures/emerging technologies/dashboards. He has managed large teams to optimize six billion plus dollars of indirect spend. James has proven effectiveness in cost reduction, process reengineering, supplier rationalization, Six Sigma Quality, and the Balanced Scorecard. His expertise includes state-of-the-art knowledge of e-Sourcing in its application to the end-to-end process of order management through settlement as well as developing insightful dashboards and the bidding technology platform. James has consistently demonstrated impactful international leadership and motivational skills. He has led global teams in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.


Laura Perozo


Senior Director of Finance & Administration at the Center of Reproductive Rights

Laura Perozo is a finance professional with over 14 years experience in non-profit and audit sectors. Throughout her career she has  demonstrated leadership ability in the areas of procurement and vendor management.  She is currently serving as Senior Director of Finance & Administration at the Center of Reproductive Rights, previous to that, Laura worked as a Director of Global Finance and Grants Management at the Wildlife Conservation Society.  Her experience in procurement and vendor management gives practical insight into the process, from researching and sourcing vendors, obtaining quotes, negotiating contracts, managing vendor relationships, evaluating vendor performance and paying vendors. Her insights help participants learn best practices for streamlining these processes translating into saving businesses time and money.

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