hemodialysis technician

Hemodialysis Technician

Well-trained professionals, who are skilled in hemodialysis treatment, are needed to meet the increase in chronic kidney related illnesses. Working in partnership with Medical Careers Prep Academy, The City College of New York, provides the comprehensive online training necessary to become a hemodialysis technician.

Essential topics for training focus on: kidney anatomy and physiology, renal nutrition, water treatment, vascular access, infection control, medication, complications, dialysis machine set-up, and patient monitoring.

Registered nurses who take this course supervise technicians in hemodialysis facilities which treat patients with End-Stage Renal Disease. (ESRD)

Prerequisite: A High School Diploma or GED is Required

Textbooks are not included in course tuition. Students must purchase one textbook. Please visit the following link to view the textbook required for the course: Medical Education Institute (meiresearch.org)



Last Updated: 07/18/2023 23:28