TECH Center Rules

General Rules/Conduct

Rules of conduct in the lab are designed to keep our laboratories in good working order, and to help us provide a civil, productive and safe working environment for students. Violators of these policies will be asked to leave the lab and may have both their security access and computer account suspended.

  • Please be respectful, considerate, and speak quietly.
  • Never share your username and password with anyone.
  • There is no eating or drinking allowed in the labs.
  • Students working in classrooms must log off and leave the lab before the beginning of any scheduled class.
  • Talking on cell phones is prohibited; if you must make or take a call, please leave the lab.
  • Any audio or video must be listened to through personal headphones so that others cannot hear.
  • If you are asked by TECH Center staff, a faculty member, or a Public Safety officer to show your City College ID card, to identify yourself, and/or to leave the lab, you must comply with this request.
  • Do not tamper with computers or printers, if they are not functioning properly ask our staff for assistance.
  • To help maintain equipment and hygiene, please keep your feet off tables and chairs and your shoes and socks on.
  • When you are finished using your station please remember to log off, clean up after yourself, push in your chair, and return any equipment or supplies you checked out.
  • Warnings are issued 30 minutes in advance of any TECH Center closings. Printers are shut off 10 minutes prior to closing.

General Information and Advice

Please always be mindful to surf safely, respect others, and log off.

The TECH Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items, including devices, personal belongings, files, or documents.

Never share your username and password with anyone. In addition to allowing you to log in to TECH Center computers, they also grant access to your Citymail account, Wi-Fi, print quota, print release stations, WebCheckout reservations, and the City Central student portal, which provide access to privileged information including your class schedule and transcript.

You are responsible for saving your work. We recommend storing your documents on a USB drive, e-mail or cloud service. Warnings are issued 30 minutes in advance of TECH Center closings. Back areas are closed one hour prior to closing. Classrooms are closed at 9 PM or after the last class ends M-F.

Lab Assistance

Our lab staff is committed to providing a civil, productive and safe working environment for our students. To report any lab-related problems, including software, hardware, printing, AV, door access, or behavior or policy issues, send email to . A copy of your email will go to all IT staff and will be answered by the appropriate person. Your email must include the following information:

• Name of computer you are working on.
• Name of software program.
• Exact copies of any error messages.

The more information you provide the better the chance the problem will be resolved.


• Pages will be reset in the amount of 1,000 pages on the day before the start of Fall and Spring semesters.
• Large print jobs must be broken into 20 page increments.
• Protect your quota- Do not forget to logout.

Our TECH Center staff can be identified by those wearing a name tag and grey vest with STAFF imprinted on the back. They are here to assist you, please treat them and your fellow users with courtesy and respect.


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