Conference Committee

 Engaging for Impact: CUNY as a Catalyst for Change

   Joseph Barba
   Professor of Electrical Engineering
   Grove School of Engineering

   Linda L. Carlson
   Special Assistant to the Senior Associate Provost
   Office of the Provost

   Doris Cintrón
   Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Accreditation,
   and Assessment

   Office of the Provost

   Shakila Merchant
   Assistant Director of NOAA-CREST
   Grove School of Engineering

   Geraldine Murphy
   Professor of English (Division of Humanities and Arts)
   Director of the Honors Center (Office of the Provost)

   Nicole Roberts
    Assistant Dean
   Sophie Davis School of Bio-medical Education

   Lindsay Siegel
   Executive Director
   Zahn Innovation Center

   Richard Steinberg
   Professor of Education (School of Education)
   Professor of Physics (Division of Science)

   Genea Stewart
   Director of the Office of Engaged Scholarship
   Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

   Ashiwel Undieh
   Associate Provost for Research
   Office of the Provost

   Ana Vasović
   Director of General Education
   Office of the Provost

   Gareth A. Williams
   Assistant to the Senior Associate Provost
   Office of the Provost