Fall 2018 ChE Seminar Series

Fall 2018 ChE Seminar Series 

September 17th

"Electrostatic Assembly for Controlled and Tissue Targeted Release"

Professor Paula Hammond
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanley Katz Lecture


September 24th

"Adsorption for... Beyond Adsorpton: Role of Carbon Porosity ORR and CO2RR"

Professor Teresa Bandosz
City College of New York


October 1st

"Activities, Solubilities, and Nucleation Rates of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions"

Professor Thanos Panagiotopoulos
Princeton University


October 15th

"The Influence of Amphiphilicity and Orientation on Janus Particles at an Air-Water Interface"

Ellen Knapp
City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


"Advantages of Modeling Tumor Growth with a Population Balance Model"

Adeyinka Lesi
City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


October 22nd

"Microemulsions: Definition, Properties, Modeling, and Design"

Professor Jeffrey Harwell
University of Oklahoma


November 5th

"From Traditional Small Molecules to Novel Liquid Crystal Formulations in Drug Development: A Solid-State NMR Journey"

Doctor Anuji Abraham
Bristol-Myers Squibb


November 19th

"Diversity-Oriented Approaches to Tailoring Ion-Selective Polymer Membranes for Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Devices"

Doctor Brett Helms
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


November 26th

"Catalysis Technology Network: A Smooth Path from R & D to industrializations"

Doctor Anne Gaffney
Idaho National Laboratory


December 3rd

"Correlating Electrode Slurry Microstrcture to Final Electrode Performance: A Rheological Approach"

Professor Nicolas Alvarez
Drexel University


December 10th

"Plasma Reactions at Surfaces and Natural Gas Production in the Persian Gulf"

Professor Arnold Stancell (ChE '58)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Shinnar Lecture

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