ChE Department Seminars

Chemical Engineering Seminar, Fall 2023

Date Seminar Speaker Institution Department Title
28-Aug-23 Bala, Sivaramakrishnan Univ Florida Mechanical Engineering "A statistical approach for fast and reliable prediction of room-scale airborne viral contagion"
4-Sep-23 Labor DAY      
11-Sep-23 Marcus Worsley Lawrence Livermore NL High Performance Materials "Aerogels for Energy and Environmental Applications"
18-Sep-23 Carlos Silvera Batista Vanderbilt University Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering "Colloidal Transport and Assembly under Aperiodic Electrodiffusiophoresis"
2-Oct-23 Ben Paren Stevens IT Chemical Engineering and Materials Science "Interconnected pathways in polymer electrolytes to facilitate ion transport"
10/10/2023 (Tuesday w/ Levich) Jasna Brujic NYU Physics "Colloidal Protein Analogs"
16-Oct-23 Patrick Johnson Iowa State Materials science and engineering "Machine learning informed approaches to optimize manufacturing of laser-induced graphene devices for sensing applications"
30-Oct-23 CCNY grad students      
20-Nov-23 Juan De Pablo (2023 Katz Lecture) University of Chicago Molecular Engineering "Liquid Crystals - From Simple Self-Assembled Constructs, to Autonomous Materials"
4-Dec-23 John Paul Jones Jet Propulsion Lab Electrochemical Research, Technology, & Engineering "High Temperature Li-ion Batteries for NASA Missions"
11-Dec-23 Mary Beth Monroe Syracuse University Biomedical and Chemical Engineering "Smart Biomaterials for Improved Wound Healing"

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