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Newsletter & Department Seminars

Chemical Engineering

Newsletter & Department Seminars

ChE - Newsletter


Spring 2018 ChE Seminar Series

January 29th

"Intelligent Protein Engineered Biomaterials"

Professor Jin Kim Montclaire
New York University






Fall 2017 ChE Seminar Series


August 28th




"Intensified oxidative processes for producing commodity chemicals"

Professor Bala Subramaniam
University of Kansas



"Emulsion-templated fabrication of functional micro-units"

Professor Jing Fan
City College of New York



“Supported Biomembrane Systems for Probing Membrane Protein Interphase Partitioning”

Graduate Student Symposium
City College of New York
PhD Student William Houlihan


“Eco-friendly Sacrificial Amphiphiles as Chemical Herders for Oil Spill remediation”

Graduate Student Symposium
City College of New York
PhD Student Hao Zhou



"Big Science at a National Lab: 99Mo Medical Isotope Production at Los Alamos National Laboratory "

Dr. Michael Janicke 
Los Alamos National Laboratory 



"Complex Integrals in Statistical Mechanics: From Advanced Materials to Quantum Liquids"

Professor Glenn Fredrickson
University of California, Santa Barbara



"Using MRI to look inside opaque systems: Transport in porous media and Rheo-NMR of complex fluids"

Professor Joseph Seymour
Montana State University 



"Thermo-Chemical Scanning Probe Lithography (tc-SPL)"

Professor Elisa Reido
City College of New York 



Tapping into the Potential for Biochemical Production in Non-Conventional Yeast

Professor Mark Blenner
Clemson University 



"NEGF-DFT Electron Transport Calculations for Guiding and Interpreting Experiment"

Professor Manuel Smeu
SUNY Binghamton 


November 27th


Professor Robert Hayes
Rutgers University 




From Flame Synthesis of Carbon Black to the Assembly of Breath Sensors: Multi-scale Reaction Engineering

Professor Sotiris Pratsinis
ETH Zurich



December 11th


Dr. Babu Chalamala
Sandia National Laboratories