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Newsletter & Department Seminars

Chemical Engineering

Newsletter & Department Seminars


GSOE 100th Anniversary

Calender of Events for ChE Department



ChE - Newsletter

ChE Newsletter - March 2019 Vol2, Issue 2

ChE Newsletter - September 2018 Vol2, Issue 1

ChE Newsletter - March 2018 Vol1, Issue 2

ChE Newsletter - September 2017 Vol1, Issue 1



Spring 2019 ChE Seminar Series



January 28th

"Peptide Tailored Functional Surfaces"

Professor Nurit Ashkenasy
Ben Gurion University of the Negev


February 25th



Professor Gennady Gor
New Jersey Institute of Technology


March 4th



Shaghayegh Darjani
City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium



Apoorva Rudra
City College of New York


Graduate Student Symposium


March 11th



Professor John Weidner
University of South Carolina


March 18th


Doctor Jeffrey Gilman
National Institute of Standards & Technology


March 25th


Doctor Oliver Mullins
Schlumberger Limited



April 1st




Doctor Ulrich Scheler
Leibniz Institute for Polmer Research Dresden

April 15th


Professor Kathleen Stebe
University of South Carolina

Stanley Katz Lecture



April 29th


Professor Kane Jennings
Vanderbilt University



May 13th




Professor Christoph Naumann
Indiana University - Purdue University




Fall 2018 ChE Seminar Series 

September 17th

"Electrostatic Assembly for Controlled and Tissue Targeted Release"

Professor Paula Hammond
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanley Katz Lecture


September 24th

"Adsorption for... Beyond Adsorpton: Role of Carbon Porosity ORR and CO2RR"

Professor Teresa Bandosz
City College of New York


October 1st

"Activities, Solubilities, and Nucleation Rates of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions"

Professor Thanos Panagiotopoulos
Princeton University


October 15th

"The Influence of Amphiphilicity and Orientation on Janus Particles at an Air-Water Interface"

Ellen Knapp
City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


"Advantages of Modeling Tumor Growth with a Population Balance Model"

Adeyinka Lesi
City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


October 22nd

"Microemulsions: Definition, Properties, Modeling, and Design"

Professor Jeffrey Harwell
University of Oklahoma


November 5th

"From Traditional Small Molecules to Novel Liquid Crystal Formulations in Drug Development: A Solid-State NMR Journey"

Doctor Anuji Abraham
Bristol-Myers Squibb


November 19th

"Diversity-Oriented Approaches to Tailoring Ion-Selective Polymer Membranes for Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Devices"

Doctor Brett Helms
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


November 26th

"Catalysis Technology Network: A Smooth Path from R & D to industrializations"

Doctor Anne Gaffney
Idaho National Laboratory


December 3rd

"Correlating Electrode Slurry Microstructure to Final Electrode Performance: A Rheological Approach"

Professor Nicolas Alvarez
Drexel University


December 10th

"Plasma Reactions at Surfaces and Natural Gas Production in the Persian Gulf"

Professor Arnold Stancell (ChE '58)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Shinnar Lecture



Spring 2018 ChE Seminar Series

January 29th

"Intelligent Protein Engineered Biomaterials"

Professor Jin Kim Montclaire
New York University


February 5th

"Hydrogen Evolution at Buried Interfaces"

Professor Daniel Esposito
Columbia University


February 26th

"Designing Optimal Electrolytes for Next Generation Energy Storage"

Doctor Nidhi Rajput
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


March 5th

"In-situ Microfluidic Measurement of the Dielectric Constant of Colloidal Particles"

Doctor Setareh Manafirasi
The City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


"Simulations of Active Microrheology of Dense Suspensions"

Doctor Omer Sedes
The City College of New York

Graduate Student Symposium


March 12th 

"Using X-rays to Visualize Multiphase Flows"

Professor Theodore Heindel
Iowa State University


March 19th 

"Formulation Engineering for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Oil & Gas Industries"

Professor Edgar Acosta
University of Toronto


March 26th 

"EXPIRE - EXtremely Passive Impact Resistant Electrolyte"

Doctor Gabriel Veith
Oak Ridge National Laboratory


April 9th 

"Grid Scale Energy Storage Poised for Success: Developing New Technologies, Finding New Value Propositions"

Doctor Imre Gyuk
U.S. Department of Energy


April 16th 

"From Fluids to Fibers: Liquid Phase Separation and Neurodegeneration"

Professor Shana Elbaum-Garfinkle
The Graduate Center, CUNY


April 23rd 

"Biologically Active Filters: An Advanced Treatment Process for Contaminants Emerging Concern"

Professor Lisa Axe
New Jersey Institute of Technology


April 30th  

"Engineering Shape-Memory and Stress-Memory through Polymer Crystallization"

Professor Mitchell Anthamatten
University of Rochester


May 7th 

"Pulsed Field Gradients, diffusion and spectroscopic imaging of supercapacitors and batteries"

Professor Michael Deschamps
University of Orleans France


May 14th 

"Translation of microneedles for drug delivery to skin and eye: design, development and clinical trials"

Professor Mark Prausnitz
Georgia Institute of Technology










Fall 2017 ChE Seminar Series


August 28th




"Intensified oxidative processes for producing commodity chemicals"

Professor Bala Subramaniam
University of Kansas



"Emulsion-templated fabrication of functional micro-units"

Professor Jing Fan
City College of New York



“Supported Biomembrane Systems for Probing Membrane Protein Interphase Partitioning”

Graduate Student Symposium
City College of New York
PhD Student William Houlihan


“Eco-friendly Sacrificial Amphiphiles as Chemical Herders for Oil Spill remediation”

Graduate Student Symposium
City College of New York
PhD Student Hao Zhou



"Big Science at a National Lab: 99Mo Medical Isotope Production at Los Alamos National Laboratory "

Dr. Michael Janicke 
Los Alamos National Laboratory 



"Complex Integrals in Statistical Mechanics: From Advanced Materials to Quantum Liquids"

Professor Glenn Fredrickson
University of California, Santa Barbara



"Using MRI to look inside opaque systems: Transport in porous media and Rheo-NMR of complex fluids"

Professor Joseph Seymour
Montana State University 



"Thermo-Chemical Scanning Probe Lithography (tc-SPL)"

Professor Elisa Reido
City College of New York 



Tapping into the Potential for Biochemical Production in Non-Conventional Yeast

Professor Mark Blenner
Clemson University 



"NEGF-DFT Electron Transport Calculations for Guiding and Interpreting Experiment"

Professor Manuel Smeu
SUNY Binghamton 


November 27th


Professor Robert Hayes
Rutgers University 




From Flame Synthesis of Carbon Black to the Assembly of Breath Sensors: Multi-scale Reaction Engineering

Professor Sotiris Pratsinis
ETH Zurich



December 11th


Dr. Babu Chalamala
Sandia National Laboratories