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Chemical Engineering


The Chemical Engineering department conducts current and ongoing research in a variety of areas.

Areas Overview:
Turbulence, low Reynolds number hydrodynamics, two- and three-phase bubble flow in capillaries, arterial fluid flow, cholesterol metabolism models, drug release polymers, tissue engineering, fluidized and trickle beds, coal liquefaction, conversion catalysis and hydropyrolysis, low-temperature electromagnetic properties of semiconductors and coal chars, extraction with mixtures of critical solvents, dynamic process simulation systems, dynamic modeling and control of FCC, coal gasification, municipal waste incineration and power generation systems, control of complex processing systems.

Specific Research:
Bioengineering and Bioscience
Biosensors and Biomaterials Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
Interfacial and Surface Phenomena
Materials Science and Engineering Research Laboratory
Research on Reactive Separation and Gas Hydrate Separation
Rheology Laboratory
Study of the Granulation and Caking of Powders
Surface Properties of Materials Laboratory