Program & Curriculum

Undergraduate Program

The department of Chemical Engineering offers its undergraduate students a Bachelors of Engineering degree, specializing in the field of Chemical Engineering, B.E. (Ch.E.). Students are required to complete a total of 130 credits and fulfill all major requirements to graduate.

Course Requirements & Sequence

Required & Elective Courses
A rigorous course sequence gives our students a sound foundation in all aspects of Chemical Engineering while our electives allow each student to tailor their degree towards the areas that interest them the most.

Recommended Course Sequence
The typical Chemical Engineering student will follow our recommended sequence of courses, allowing for a timely completion of their degree.

For all the details on undergraduate admission requirements and procedures, please visit CCNY's Admissions page.
The ChE Department does not have any information regarding admission status for the undergraduate program.  Please reference all requests to the Admissions Office.