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The City College of New York AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) Student Chapter is an organization for students majoring in the field of chemical engineering. Its purpose is to provide academic resources, professional development and social enrichment functions for students. Since its establishment at The City College of New York in 1847, AIChE has been dedicated to developing the full potential of all members through active participation in organized events.

Students interested in becoming members of AIChE should do so online at: http://students.aiche.org


OXE (Omega Chi Epsilon)

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Omega Chi Epsilon Key

The key (above) represents the objectives of Omega Chi Epsilon. The four arms of the Maltese cross represent the first four objectives:

RECOGNITION to recognize excellence in chemical engineering
INVESTIGATION to promote original investigation and innovation in chemical engineering
SERVICE to provide service to the chemical engineering department or school and its student body
COMRADESHIP to promote comradeship among chemical engineers

These four are bound intimately together by the fifth,  PROFESSIONALISM to promote honesty, integrity and social responsibility: the hallmarks of professional ethics.

The Omega Chi Epsilon Society was founded in 1931 at the University of Illinois with the objective to recognize those juniors and seniors who exhibited scholastic excellence and valuable traits of character, integrity and leadership in their profession. While the chapters are primarily composed of junior and senior students, it serves both undergraduate and graduate students and fosters meaningful student-faculty dialogue.The Society is affiliated with the Association of College Honor Societies, and shares many common goals with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and the American Society for Engineering Education. City College of New York maintains the Lambda Chapter since 1964.

List of activities

  • Maintain a student library/reading room
  • Sponsor student-faculty activities such as picnics
  • Assemble chemical engineering graduate school information
  • Provide tutorial services to chemical engineering students
  • Conduct course and faculty evaluations
  • Administer outstanding student and teacher awards

Omega Chi Epsilon’s National Website

A.X. Schmidt Scholarship

To learn more about the A. X. Schmidt Scholarship, see: A.X. Schmidt Scholarship Info .

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