Full Time Faculty

CCNY - Sanjoy Banerjee

Sanjoy Banerjee

Director, CUNY Energy Institute & Distinguished Professor

Ph.D., University of Waterloo

Research Interests: Energy storage; Multiscale & Interfacial phenomena in multiphase systems

E: banerjee@ccny.cuny.edu

W: https://www1.cuny.edu/sites/energy/

P:(212) 650-5728

F:(212) 650-6660

CCNY - Elizabeth Biddinger

Elizabeth J. Biddinger

Associate Professor

Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Research Interests: Electrocatalysis; Energy storage; Ionic liquids; Biomass conversion; Green chemistry & Sustainability

E: ebiddinger@ccny.cuny.edu

W: https://ebiddinger.ccny.cuny.edu/


Marco Castaldi

Marco J. Castaldi

Director, Earth Engineering Center / Department Chairman & Professor

Ph.D., UC Los Angeles

Research Interests: Combustion & catalysis; Gasification; Reaction Engineering; Waste to Energy.

E: mcastaldi@ccny.cuny.edu

W: https://www.cclabs.org or https://www.ccnyeec.org

CCNY - Xi Chen

Xi Chen

Associate Professor

Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology

Research Interests: Bio-inspired functional materials; Energy harvesting; Sensors; Actuators; Energy conversion & Storage

E: xchen@gc.cuny.edu

W: https://www.xchenlab.com


CCNY - Alexander Couzis

Alexander Couzis

Dean / Daniel & Francis Berg Professor

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research Interests: Research Interests: Nanoscience & engineering; Surface engineering; Interfacial phenomena; Templated synthesis of materials

E: couzis@ccny.cuny.edu

W: ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/alexander-couzis

P:(212) 650-6701

F:(212) 650-6660

CCNY - M. Lane Gilchrist

M. Lane Gilchrist

Associate Professor

Ph.D., UC Davis

Research Interests: Biointerface engineering; Biomembrane microenvironments & Membrane proteins; Fluorescence spectroscopy & 3D imaging

E: gilchrist@ccny.cuny.edu

W: ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/lane-gilchrist

P:(212) 650-6664

F:(212) 650-6660

CCNY - Mitch Goldberg

Mitch Goldberg

Professor & Distinguished Research Scientist for NOAA Center for Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing Technologies (CESSRST)

Research Interests: Earth observing satellites; Atmospheric temperature & water vapor soundings; Atmospheric radiative transfer; Weather & climate applications from satellite observations; Flood detection, current & climate scale; Wildfires & air quality; Including greehouse gas emissions

E: mgoldberg1@ccny.cuny.edu

CCNY - Ilona Kretzschmar

Ilona Kretzschmar

Herbert G. Kayser Professor

Ph.D.,Technical University of Berlin

Research Interests: Janus & Patchy particle assembly & Interfacial behavior; Synthesis & Application of nanomaterials

E: kretzschmar@ccny.cuny.edu

W: https://ikretzschmar.ccny.cuny.edu/

P:(212) 650-6769

F:(212) 650-6660

CCNY - Charles Maldarelli

Charles Maldarelli


Ph.D., Columbia University

Research Interests: Hydrodynamics of Colloids at a Fluid Interface; Hydrodynamics of Active Colliods; Microfluidics; Particle Stablized Foams; Oil Spill Remediation & Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

E: cmaldarelli@ccny.cuny.edu

P:(212) 650-8160

F:(212) 650-6660

CCNY - Robert J. Messinger

Robert J. Messinger

Director of Graduate Studies & Associate Professor

Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara

Research Interests: Energy storage, Recycling, Electrochemical Systems, Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy

E: rmessinger@ccny.cuny.edu

W: https://rmessinger.ccny.cuny.edu

P:(212) 650-8204

CCNY - Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris

Director, Levich Institute & Professor

Ph.D., California Institute of Technology

Research Interests: Properties & Dynamics of flowing mixtures; Nonequilibrium microstructure & Rheology in sheared suspensions dynamics

E: morris@ccny.cuny.edu

P:(212) 650-6844

F:(212) 650-6835

CCNY - Carol Steiner

Carol Steiner


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Research Interests: Novel hydrogels; Soft biomaterials

E: csteiner@ccny.cuny.edu

W: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/carol-steiner

P:(212) 650-7230

F:(212) 650-6660

CCNY - Raymond S. Tu

Raymond S. Tu


Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara

Research Interests: Biomacromolecular adsorption and surface dynamics; peptide design; Self-assembly; Biosensing; Drug delivery and formulations; Bio-based materials

E: tu@ccny.cuny.edu

W: https://rtu.ccny.cuny.edu/

P:(212) 650-7031

F:(212) 650-6660

CCNY - Rosemarie Wesson

Rosemarie Wesson

Associate Vice Chancellor & University Vice Provost for Research

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Research Interests: Numerical analyses of polymer crystallization kinetics; Structure property relationships of crystalline materials; Polymeric Flows

E: Rosemarie.Wesson@cuny.edu

W: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/profiles/rosemarie-wesson

P:(212) 650-6902

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