Alumni Highlight

Nannette Hernandez

Nannette Hernandez, ChE BE ‘19

Nannette has supported our CCNY students by coming back to share her advice on post-graduation planning as a mentor for the CCNY Chemical Engineering Alumni-Student Mentorship Pilot Program (CHAMP). After graduating from CCNY in 2019, Nannette began her career with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division, (NSWCPD) working as an in-service engineering agent providing technical support services for oxygen and nitrogen gas production systems onboard U.S. Navy standard ships. She worked within the organization, using her chemical engineering background to perform conditional system assessments, troubleshoot equipment failures and support investigations for repair strategies. Nannette is continuing her position with NSWC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she supports the development and implementation of lifecycle sustainment initiatives. In addition, Nannette has leadership responsibility in the integration of defense maintenance strategies for propulsion systems.

If you are interested in contacting Nannette, she can be reached via LinkedIn ( or e-mailed at: .

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