ChE Technical Electives

Any Math, Science, or Engineering course that is level 30000 or higher will be accepted as a technical elective. In addition Engr 27600 (Engineering Economics) and Sci 28000 (Bioinformatics & Biomolecular Systems) will be accepted.

ChE 45200: Powder Science and Technology
Characterization of particles and particle assemblies; packing of granular solids; introduction to powder mechanics and the design of hoppers; inter-particle forces and tribology in particulate systems. Some examples of bulk powder processing: storage of powders in hoppers, introduction to powder flow; Powder testing: The Jenike cell.
Prereq.: ChE 34100, ChE 34200 and ChE 34600; Coreq.: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 46700: Polymer Science and Technology
The Chemistry and Physics of polymeric materials.  The kinetics and control of polymerization reactions.  Analysis of the mechanical and flow behavior of polymeric solids and melts. Thermodynamics of polymer solutions.
Prereq.: Chem 26300 and ChE 33200; Coreq.: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 49803: Honors Research In Chemical Engineering I
Topics chosen for their particular or current interest to undergraduate students who wish to prepare for graduate studies.  Each student works with a single professor.
Prereq.: Approval of Department; Coreq.: None.
Varies; 3 Cr.

ChE 49808: Nanomaterials
Basic concepts and definitions of nanomaterials. Synthesis of nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes. Properties of nanomaterials based on quantum-confinement and surface-to-volume ratio. Scanning and electron probe technology for nanomaterials characterization. Application of nanomaterials. Societal impact of Nanotechnology.
Prereq.: Chem 10301* and Phys 20800*; Coreq.: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 49812: Energy Systems in Engineering for Global Sustainability
This course is intended to provide students with the background and tools to analyze energy choices for the future. World energy supplies, demand, and trends. The politics of energy. The scientific basis for anthropogenic global warming and its impact on climate and planetary ecosystems. Characterization and analysis of conventional sources of energy and fuels production including combined-cycle systems from both thermodynamic and environmental points of view. Alternate sources of power including nuclear, wind farms, solar (both photovoltaic and thermal), and biomass. Energy consumption by the transportation, manufacturing, and space heating and cooling segments of the economy. Societal barriers such as denial, lock-in, and NIMBY.
Prereq.: ChE 22900 OR Engr 23000 and Chem 33000; Coreq.: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 49903: Honors Research In Chemical Engineering II
A continuation of ChE 49803.
Prereq.: ChE 49803; Coreq.: None.
Varies; 3 Cr.

ChE 51200: Pharmaceutical Applications of Chemical Engineering
Topics in controlled drug delivery:  design of devices, commercial successes and failures, mechanisms of release from different dosage forms.  Engineering aspects of controlled release devices as well as relevant background in mass transfer, structure and design of materials, electrical devices, and pharmacokinetics are also addressed.
Prereq.: ChE 34100; Coreq.: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 54800: Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering
Concept of error; roots of implicit equations; interpolation of data; approximation of functions; extrapolation methods; numerical quadrature: Newton-Cotes, Gaussian quadrature; numerical solution of ODE’s: Lipschitz condition. Euler, Multistep, Runge-Kutta methods; numerical solution of simultaneous linear equations; calculation of eigenvalues. Issues of convergence, stability, and error.
Prereq.: MATH 39200; Coreq.: None.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

ChE 58000: Bioprocess Engineering
Introduction to the production of chemicals by microorganisms. Basics of biochemistry and cell structure with emphasis on prokaryotic microbes. Enzymes and their biotechnological uses. Introduction to recombinant DNA technology and genomics. Operation, design and scale-up of bioreactors. Selection, design and scale-up of separation and purification equipment. Safety considerations.
Prereq.: ChE 34500, ChE 34600 and Chem 26100; Coreq.: ChE 49500.
3 Hr./wk; 3 Cr.

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