CUNY Green Jobs Energy Training Program

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CUNY Green Jobs Energy Training Program

Interested in a job in the Building Energy Sector?

  • Join a rapidly growing field
  • Hands on lab experience
  • Benefit from "earn-while-you-study" stipends

Through the lens of 'Building Science,' this course introduces students to energy use and conservation in buildings, providing them with knowledge and skills to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the climate changes they cause. Buildings/Facilities rely on various energy systems, such as heating, ventilation, cooling, and lighting, to ensure their occupants' safety, health, and comfort. In addition to exploring how to improve energy efficiency in these areas of utilization, students will learn how the type, source, and transport of energy also impact carbon dioxide emissions.

The course will cover and explain the energy-using systems and components in plain language, including their names, functions, and opportunities for performance improvements, making it accessible to newcomers in building performance industries. This course is comprised of 12 classroom sessions and 3 ‘lab’ sessions for a total of 15 sessions.

Course topics covered:

  • Building Science and Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor Environmental Quality and Human Comfort
  • Low-energy Design for Retrofit & Construction
  • Electrification & Energy Storage
  • Building Automation
  • Prerequisites: High School Level Algebra & Geometry




Required Textbooks/ Materials:

Required Textbook: Students will receive the Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings textbook by John Krigger at no cost.

Required Materials: Students will require internet access and a laptop or tablet. All other program materials are provided at no cost. 

Course Modality:

In-person at CCNY

Course Days of Week/Times:

Mondays & Wednesdays

6-9 p.m.

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