Kauffman Entrepreneurship Program (Kauffman Fastrac)

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Kauffman Entrepreneurship Program

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: From Idea to Launch!

Expert Guidance: Learn from industry professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

This Program at CCNY, in affiliation with Kauffman FastTrac, is a dynamic online course designed to create access to opportunity by placing individuals on the path to becoming entrepreneurs. Whether you are at the beginning stages of your business concept or looking to refine an existing one, the program provides a roadmap for entrepreneurial success.

The course educator and attorney, William Drewes, has over 40 years of experience in business and employment law, real estate, and intellectual property; he specializes in diversity and inclusion workforce development. Throughout the course, guest speakers will participate as knowledgeable resources for ongoing business planning via his extended network. His guidance will assist you in defining your business idea, aligning it with your vision, and exploring real market opportunities.

Through a comprehensive course framework, participants will gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and ensure long-term business sustainability.

The course framework comprises five (5) different course topics:

  • IDEATE and assess your entrepreneurial traits and priorities to understand how your strengths, weaknesses, and vision affect your business goals.
  • POSITION who are your customers and competitors, and where do you find them? Then, identify the critical attributes of the business landscape and your customer to help you transform your idea into a business. Additionally, you will learn about legal structures best suited to your business and start thinking about how to exit your business when the time comes.
  • COMMIT to your business. A business is only real if it reaches paying customers and generates revenue through the bottom line. You'll use that information to identify your funding needs. Finally, you'll learn to protect your intellectual property, business, and yourself from legal risks.
  • REFINE your business by taking the lessons learned from early sales and early customer feedback and applying them to the future of your business. You'll measure and analyze your financial results against your previous predictions. You'll consider what people might need and think about how to protect the assets of your business. Finally, you'll learn how to build and communicate the plan for your business with potential funders and others.
  • LAUNCH your business. You'll learn strategies for launching, leading, and developing processes that will allow your business to grow. You'll learn how to draw attention to your new business. You'll think about your leadership style, the company's culture, and how to manage the exciting challenges of growing a business. You'll learn about best practices in process management and identify the success metrics that make sense for your business. Finally, you'll plan for worst-case scenarios and envision the best-case scenario—when you exit!



Days of Week/ Times:

Tuesdays & Thursdays

6-9 p.m.

Course Modality:

Fully Online

Total Sessions/ Hours:

10 Sessions/ 30 Hours

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