2018-2019 Doctoral Graduates


During the 2018-2019 academic year, 24 brilliant young researchers were awarded doctoral degrees. Here is the complete list of the 2018-2019 Ph.D. graduates and their dissertation topics:


KAWSAR AKHAND, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dissertation: Crop Yield Prediction Using Satellite Remote Sensing and Artificial Neural Network

    Advisors: Leonid Roytman, Jizhong Xiao


ANOOP AROOR, Ph.D., Computer Science

Dissertation: Online Learning and Planning for Crowd-Aware Service Robot Navigation

    Advisor: Susan L. Epstein           


KAI CAI, Ph.D., Computer Science          

Dissertation: Using Transfer Learning in Network Market 

    Advisor: Simon Parson    


CARLOS CARRIZO, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering             

Dissertation: Hyperspectral and Polarimetric Imaging for Advanced Characterization of the Ocean Surface and Underwater Objects

    Advisor: Aleksandr Gilerson


XI CHEN, Ph.D., Civil Engineering                                               

Dissertation: Steel Truss Retrofits to Provide Alternative Load Paths for Cut or Blast Damaged/Destroyed Member

    Advisor: Anil K Agrawal


NILOOFAR GHAHRAMANI, Ph.D., Civil Engineering           

Dissertation: Exploring Intercity Travel Patterns and Information Utilization during Extreme Weather Conditions Using Data from a Transportation Smartphone Application

    Advisor: Alison Jane Conway


MARTIN GOLDBERG, Ph.D., Computer Science                 

Dissertation: A Mobile Cyber-Physical System Framework for Aiding People with Visual Impairment

    Advisor: Jiantang Zhang


SIAVASH HASHEMI, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering                      

Dissertation: The Role of the Subarachnoid Space in Mitigating Head Injuries

    Advisor: Ali M Sadegh


AHMED HASSEBO, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering  

Dissertation: Commercial 4G LTE Cellular Networks for Supporting Emerging Mission-Critical IoT Applications

    Advisor: Mohamed Ali     


JINCHAO HUANG, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering    

Dissertation: Immobilizing Zincate Ions for Long-Cycle High-Energy-Density Aqueous Batteries

    Advisor: Sanjoy Banerjee


OBINNA IGBE, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering        

Dissertation: Artificial Immune System Based Approach to Cyber Attack Detection

    Advisor: Tarek Saadawi


KERIM IKIKARDASLAR, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering     

Dissertation: Damage Sensing in CNT Infused Glass/Epoxy Composites with Embedded Electrodes

    Advisor: Feridun Delale   


SUNGYUP JUNG, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering     

Dissertation: Sustainable Processes for Electrochemical Conversion of Biomass and Energy Storage

    Advisor: Elizabeth Joyce Biddinger           


ONUR KURT, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering          

Dissertation: Nonlinear Optical Studies of Structural Defects in Perovskite Dielectric and Ferroelectric Oxides for Energy Storage Applications

    Advisor: Nicholas Madamopoulos  


SAMUEL LIGHTSTONE, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Dissertation: Development and Assessment of Predictive Algorithms for the Particulate Matter in New York State

    Advisor: Barry M Gross   


SETAREH MANAFIRASI, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering                   

Dissertation: Microparticles in Microfluidics: A Lab on a Chip Microbead Array

    Advisor: Charles Maldarelli           


MAHROKH MOKNATIA, Ph.D., Civil Engineering                

Dissertation: Hydrologic Assessment of Lakes Azuei (Haiti) and Enriquillo (The Dominican Republic):  Understanding the Dynamics of Expansion and Shrinkage in the Past, Present, and Future

    Advisor: Michael Piasecki


SEAN ONEILL, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering        

Dissertation: Evolution of Mechanical Properties for Stimuli-Responsive

    Advisor: Raymond Tu


SIDHANT PEDNEKAR, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering          

Dissertation: A Study into the Effect of Interparticle Forces and Particle Sizes on Flowing Suspensions

    Advisor: Jeffrey F Morris


REZA POURMODHEJI, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering                   

Dissertation: Defect Growth Modes and Energy Based Strength Theory for Soft Materials

    Advisor: Honghui Yu


PAVEL SHOSTAK, Ph.D., Computer Science                                             

Dissertation: Analysis of a Group of Automorphisms of a Free Group as a Platform for Conjugacy-Based Group Cryptography

    Advisor: Alexander Miasnikov



Dissertation: Derivation and Application of Idealized Flow Conditions in River Network Simulation

    Advisor: Balazs M Fekete


ALEXANDER WOOD, Ph.D., Computer Science     

Dissertation: Private-Key Fully Homomorphic Encryption for Private Classification of Medical Data

    Advisor: Delar Kahrobaei


SALIH YILDIZ, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering                              

Dissertation: Characterization of Adhesively Bonded Joints under Shock-Wave Loading

    Advisor: Yiannis Andreopoulos