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Office of Undergraduate Affairs

Grove School of Engineering

Office of Undergraduate Affairs

The Grove School of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Affairs (OUA) is responsible for undergraduate academic policies and procedures. Our main desk is located in Steinman Hall, room 209, and can be reached by phone at 212-650-8020 or by email at


The OUA:

  • cooperates with the Admissions Office in implementing the Grove School's decisions on admission policy and transfer credit;
  • helps staff advisors for each major coordinate advising for registration;
  • with academic departments, manages enrollment levels in courses, and permission for non-majors to take them;
  • with departments, approves permits to take courses elsewhere (more);
  • maintains the official curricula for each major, and the General Education liberal arts elective list;
  • sets policy on enforcing standards for academic performance by students.

In cooperation with each major's staff advisor, the OUA:

  • approves student requests and appeals;
  • approves conditions of academic probation and re-entry;
  • does preliminary (on behalf of the student) & final (on behalf of the registrar) graduation checks.

Each major's staff advisor:

  • answers student questions about curriculum & procedure;
  • supervises student registration, advising & transfer credit;
  • accepts students changing to that major from another Grove School major;
  • accepts applications for readmission after an absence;
  • handles appeals and probation for students in bad academic standing;
  • handles violations of pre- and corequisites;
  • collects program data needed for accreditation.

Help for the student is also provided by the Office of Student Development.  They supervise early advising,tutoring, peer mentoring, workshops & career events, internships & jobs, clubs, meeting space, and event planning.

The Office of Student Research and Scholarship manages the awarding of scholarships, and helps students become involved with research.


People who can help you


Prof. Ardie Walser
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Steinman 152 • 212 650-8030
Ms. Jasmine Gonzalez
Front desk & office main contact
Steinman 209 • 212 650-8020
Dr. Gulam Mustafa
Steinman 211 • 212 650-8038


Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Philip Payton
Steinman 403A • 212 650-5283 
Chemical Engineering
Mr. Nick Cromie
Steinman 321 • 212 650-5748 
Civil Engineering
Mr. Luis Alicea
Steinman 211 • 212 650-8385 
Computer Engineering
Dr. Sam Fenster
Steinman 617 • 212 650-6594 
Computer Science
Dr. Edward Camp
NAC 8/206 • 212 650-6137 
Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering
Dr. Luba Kreminska
Steinman 421 • 212 650-8299 
Electrical Engineering
Mr. Edward Baurin
Steinman 678 • 212 650-8902 
Mechanical Engineering
Ms. Deborah Moore
Steinman 212 • 212 650-8028 



The staff of the Office of Student Development.