Our Mission & Goals

The City College of New York
Grove School of Engineering
Mission Statement and Long-Range Goals


  • To be a school of national preëminence among public schools of engineering and computer science, recognized for the excellence of its instructional and research programs;
  • To provide readily accessible, quality undergraduate and graduate education in a broad range of fields to a highly diverse student body, including traditionally underrepresented minorities and women, working adults, and immigrants;
  • To maintain and expand the program of fundamental and applied research in areas of national interest, particularly in technologies with relevance to New York City, its metropolitan region and New York State;
  • To provide public service and continuing professional education opportunities to New York City and State, the local community in which the institution resides, the engineering and computer science professions, and society at large.


  1. Attract and maintain a world class faculty devoted to the synergistic activities of teaching and research;
  2. Increase the competitive position of the school for attracting high achieving students;
  3. Educate students to achieve the outcomes set forth by each program;
  4. Continuously enhance the quality and technological relevance of graduate education and research programs;
  5. Implement appropriate instructional delivery and support systems that facilitate access by a highly diverse student body;
  6. Encourage multi-disciplinary approaches to both teaching and research in keeping with current technological progress in today's world;
  7. Develop partnerships with industry, government, and other external organizations that will enhance the School's educational and research activities;
  8. Attract the external resources necessary to support cutting-edge research;
  9. Assist in the preparation of K-14 students for further education in engineering and computer science; and
  10. Provide continuing education, technological expertise and public service to the engineering and computer science professions, the local community, and the state and city governments.

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